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Everwide newsletter No.380

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Experiment § High temperature curing soft adhesive

Epoxy resin adhesives are mostly hard adhesives after curing, and are not suitable for adhesive parts that require shock resistance or reduce hard force. We developed a flexible one-component adhesive JB754-7, which has excellent adhesion to copper, aluminum, LCP liquid crystal polymer materials, and Bakelite. We used different sheets to test the shear strength, and the results were that the adhesion strength of aluminum sheet and aluminum sheet, copper and Bakelite, LCP and LCP were 148, 40, and 63 Kgf/cm2, respectively (Figure 1). JB754-7 has good sag resistance, a long operating time, and a wide temperature application range of -40~140℃ (Figure 2). JB754-7 has good sag resistance, a long operating time, and a wide temperature application range of -40~140℃ (Figure 2). And when cured, it is flexible, absorbing shock energy and reducing stress (Figure 3). Judging from the TanDelta of DMA, the Tg is about 53°C, and the storage modulus decreases with increasing temperature from -50°C (Fig. 4). We will continue to experiment and further study the low Tg epoxy resin soft adhesive. You are welcome to contact us.

─Author: Miss. Yun-Zhu, Lin


Activity § Official Website 2.0

Now is the age of ubiquitous digital technology, and online search and shopping are mainstream. In 2020, we referred to domestic and foreign websites to renovate the old website and add many new elements, including product announcements, technical data, etc. In order to better meet the needs of customers, we will upgrade the website function in 2022; that is, you can use keywords to quickly find information on the website, download Everwide’s catalog, and check the English version of the bi-weekly e-newsletter (Figure 1). Not only that, but we will also attach pictures to the content of the text description so that readers can have a better visual experience (Figure 2). The homepage will keep the real-time message of "Fast Track," and you will be able to get a reply from the sales staff directly. The website will also be put on Facebook and electronic communication software for you to know and contact us in the most convenient way (Figure 3). Providing an easy-to-use and practical operation interface is our goal of improvement. Welcome to the official website: We will regularly update information such as "Latest News" and "Download Zone." You are also welcome to visit Everwide's Facebook:, where we will share vibrant life and interesting events!


Knowledge § What is an organic system sunscreen? (1)

The main ingredient in sunscreen is the UV absorber. These organic compounds can absorb ultraviolet rays, then convert the energy of light into heat energy and release it into the environment to avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. Most of these organic compounds are dissolved in oily substances, and then emulsified and dispersed in water to form sunscreen. Some UV absorbers are killers for corals, such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. Diving in many countries prohibits sunscreen or requires the use of reef-safe products that cannot contain ingredients that harm coral.


Living § Research experiment, effective rest

This book explains "meditation" and "mindfulness" in a scientific and accessible way. The story is about a Japanese who travels as far as the United States to do brain research on how to rest the brain. The irony is that at first, because he wanted to achieve something too much, he put too much pressure on himself, causing an anxiety attack and the idea of giving up. God very blessed him, and after meeting someone who could help him, he began to practice meditation and inspire mindfulness. The author shares the learning process; that is, he adjusts his rhythm step by step from the depressing world and finds his true self and happiness. I was unable to get things done because I was constantly anxious and unable to concentrate. After reading the book, I was profoundly enlightened and started to meditate. The first step in meditation is to focus on the present moment and grasp the present moment. Fortunately, after a lot of practice, I found a suitable method. The tangible way is to use note-taking software to record the to-do items that need to be done. Take the time to think before you do something. List the steps before you start executing. I count how many things I need to accomplish and look forward to the sense of accomplishment that I tick when I complete them. Use breathing to adjust the body and mind every day before going to bed, it can effectively help us get rid of anxiety when we are tense, and people can keep calm and continue to think quietly. Meditation can improve my physical and mental health and increase happiness at work and at home. It is a beneficial rest method, and it makes me know myself better. You may as well try it!

─Author: Miss. Zhu-Jun, Dai


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Jeffrey Jonathan
Jeffrey Jonathan
٠٦ سبتمبر ٢٠٢٢

The majority of epoxy resin adhesives are hard after curing, making them unsuitable for adhesive parts that need to be shock-resistant or have a low hard force. I appreciate that you created the flexible one-component adhesive JB754-7, which adheres to copper, aluminum, Bakelite, LCP liquid crystal materials, and other materials very well. By the way, I suggest you if you are studying MBA and you ever need help in your study so contact him because they provide help in assignment for mba students so use this site for your assignment help because I am studying at university and when I need assignment help I contact this site.


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