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Everwide newsletter No.381

Experiment § High solid content, low viscosity & VOC paint

With increasing environmental awareness, "2050 Net Zero Emissions" is the world's goal. There are more and more companies launching low-VOC coatings (volatile organic compounds) or VOC-free coatings. We have recently successfully developed a sprayable, high-solids, low-viscosity, low-VOC coating, the GC195 series, which can be applied to PET, PC, PMMA, and other substrates. GC195 series products are characterized by good abrasion resistance, excellent pencil hardness, fingerprint resistance, high water drop angle and high oil drop angle, etc. (Figure 1). The GC195 series has a solid content of 92% and a viscosity of 35±10 cPs. We sprayed the coating on the PMMA/PC composite film, the thickness of the PMMA/PC composite film was 500 μm, and the thickness of the glue was 20 μm, and then heated at 60~80℃ for 2 minutes, and then irradiated with UV, and the energy was 800~ 1000 mJ/cm 2 (Figure 2). The pencil hardness of this product is 2H/750g on the PC surface, and 6H/750g on the PMMA surface, the water drop angle is ≧ 105 degrees, and the oil drop angle is ≧ 70 degrees. Using the GB/T 34675-2017 method to test its VOC, the VOC content is less than or equal to 200g/L. After boiling at 100°C for 20 hours, the GC195 series still maintains good adhesion, and the adhesion cross-cut test result is 5B. Welcome to contact us if you are interested.

─Author: Miss. Shi-Yu, Fan, and Miss. Man-Yun, Qiu


Activity § Clean ocean, walking activities

The Environmental Protection Bureau of Yunlin County organized the "Clean Ocean and Walking Activities" and invited enterprises, communities, government agencies, and other units to support and let the public understand the pollution and harm of marine waste through beach cleaning (Figure 1). In addition to promoting beach cleaning, this event combines some competition activities. The competition's content includes advocating garbage classification, fish stranding knowledge, planting green trees, etc., to achieve the best benefits of promoting environmental protection and self-health (Figure 2, 3). Then there is the beach cleaning competition. There are more than 50 participating teams. Even if they are sweating in the hot sun, everyone still picks up the garbage in the dolosse, and we also use the clamps to pick up the trash in the cracks of the stones. Thanks to my colleagues for their tireless efforts (Figures 4 and 5). Beach cleaning can improve environmental awareness. We sincerely invite you to take action to restore the original appearance of the beautiful harbor.


Knowledge § What is an organic system sunscreen? (2)

Traditional organic UV absorbers have small molecular weights, penetrating the skin, interfering with hormones, and releasing free radicals. Later UV absorbers developed to large molecular weights and even used insoluble organic powders to be dispersed in the emulsion to avoid interference with the human body. Another development in sunscreens is increased protection against long-wavelength UV rays. Traditional light absorbers focus on below 340nm. If the wavelength is greater than 340nm, the UV protection is weak, and if the wavelength is higher than 380nm, there is almost no protection. However, 40% of the ultraviolet rays reaching the ground have a wavelength greater than 380nm, so the position of long wavelength has become a battleground for sunscreen performance. It is also a place where sunscreen products can be compared.


Living § A lot of fun for parents and children

Parenting is not easy. It was very different from the past. Today's children are delighted, most of them eat and sleep well, and their parents treat them as treasures. But today's children are also very pitiful. They play in the concrete jungle and shuttle between the asphalt alleys, and the green space here is pitiful. To cope with the increasing amount of exercise of children, the cumulative number of visits to suitable venues around Douliu, such as parent-child museums, libraries, parks, etc., has exceeded that of the " Road walk nine times" by dozens of times. In recent years, parent-child travel has become popular, and the Municipal Office has added a lovely cross-age inclusive park called Squirrel Forest Park. The park has "Mosaic Squirrel" statues, Acorn Hills slides, grass slides, and other play equipment. If you are afraid of the hot sun, you can choose to sit leisurely in the visitor center to cool off and discover the ingenuity in the park. If you feel the heat is unbearable, step on the water spray area to get wet and enjoy the fantastic feeling. This is an excellent place for adults to relax and children to play. One day, I heard a male star interviewed and say, "Accompanying my child's growth is my greatest achievement." I felt the same way. Perhaps the intimate interaction with the child will become a memory in the future, and I will still cherish and miss this sweet load of good times. Dad wants to tell you, "Grow up slowly, okay?"

─Author: Mr. Qing-An, Shi


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Dany Deniel
Dany Deniel
31 de ago. de 2022

Thanks for sharing this and you are right "2050 Net Zero Emissions" has become the global objective as environmental awareness grows. Low-VOC or VOC-free coatings are being introduced by an increasing number of businesses. Currently, I was getting Essay Help from him and suddenly I come across on your post which I like it very much please keep up your great work in your site.


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