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Everwide newsletter No.382

Experiment § Wear resistance test method.

Recently, the customer requested a wear resistance load of 1kg x 5,000 times. After making several formulas, the wear resistance was compared. After coating in a clean room, cut the sheet into two pieces for testing. We held the glass sheet fi, wore it back and forth 5,000 times, and found the appearance challenging to judge. Because the front and back sides of the sheet are slightly uneven, or there are tiny particles, which may affect the test results. In addition to the cases mentioned above, the flatness of the sheet coating is also critical. Slow down the speed of the automatic coater, such as reducing the rate from 200m/s to 100m/s, or the dilution of solid content from 50% to 40%, or the coating bar from #4 to #5 to increase the wet film thickness, etc., these methods all contribute to the flatness of the coating film. Stick the PVC black tape on the back of the surface to be tested, then press it flatly to remove the tiny particles at the bottom to prevent the sheet from being abraded and improve the judgment after abrasion (Figure 1, 2). Roll 10000 steel wool to a specific thickness, and then stick it with double-sided tape. Finally, after setting the conditions, start the wear test (Figure 3, 4). After the end, it can be easily judged by lighting it with light (Figure 5). We hope these tips are helpful for your experiments.

─Author: Mr. Can-Xian, Hong


Activity § 2022 NEPCON Thailand

Everwide participated in NEPCON's exhibition in Thailand this year (Figure 1-3). The venue brought together over 10,000 electronic components manufacturers and brands to participate in the exhibition (Figure 4). In the seminar at this event, everyone can learn more about industrial thinking and have the opportunity to communicate with experts in the field of electronics and circuits. This exhibition allows us to exchange experiences and ideas with our customers and discover new adhesive materials applicationsials in the market, which is an eye-opener for us (Figure 5)! Thank you to the customers who visited the booth and the dealers who worked together for four days. Thank you for letting us learn so much.


Knowledge § What is an inorganic system sunscreen?

Inorganic powders such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are added to sunscreens to prevent UV damage to the skin. Taking titanium dioxide as an example, nanoparticles have a significant absorption effect on ultraviolet rays below 330nm and then convert the energy of light into heat energy and release. When titanium dioxide particles are larger, absorption characteristics gradually decrease. However, the features of reflected and scattered light are gradually highlighted. Large particles' reflection and scattering effects can occur for a wide range of wavelengths. Still, the efficiency of blocking light is not high, so we need to apply a thicker layer to achieve a better sunscreen effect. The sunscreen made of nanoparticles has good transparency and protection against short-wavelength UVB, but it is effective for long-wavelength UVA. The impact of nanoparticles on marine life remains to be elucidated and is a topic of concern.


Living § Without a business card, what do you have left?

During the internship, the company sent us a few books, "Without the business card, what do you have left?" This book mainly describes how to create our value. The chapter that impresses me the most is "I just want a stable life, what's wrong?", which mainly expresses that young people nowadays only want a stable salary and to live a peaceful life. But a stable life is the hardest! The book gave me the answer that shocked me. The answer is that the seemingly smooth life described in this way is like an airplane. It needs to overcome gravity and resistance all the time. Just like society is constantly improving, if we don't keep improving, sooner or later, we will be eliminated due to a lack of competitiveness. This reminds me of the words of my high school teacher: "You should set high goals for yourself so that even if you don't achieve the original settings, you won't be too far from your goals." The book also provides the key points of the interview for newcomers entering the society, as well as the details that need to be paid attention to when writing a resume. In addition to mastering the key points of the workplace, it is also necessary to avoid doing inappropriate things. This book has brought me a different way of thinking and a new understanding of the world from another point of view. I recommend it to you.

─Author: Mr. Yi-Xiang, Wu


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Joe Lie
Joe Lie
Aug 29, 2022

This post gives information about Everwide newsletter No.382.The customer asked for a 1 kilogram x 5,000 repetition wear resistance load. The wear resistance was compared following the creation of various formulae. Cut the sheet into two sections after coating in a clean room to test. We held the glass sheet fi, wore it 5,000 times back and forth, and found it difficult to assess the appearance. Because the sheet's front and back sides are a little uneven or contain small particles, the test results could be impacted. The flatness of the sheet coating is crucial in addition to the aforementioned situations. Reduce the automatic coater's speed, for example, by dropping the rate from 200 m/s to 100 m/s, diluting the…


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