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Everwide newsletter No.387

Experiment § Method of making specimen of adhesive (1)

Tensile strength is also known as breakdown strength. The tensile test is a standard mechanical property test for plastics. Its primary purpose is to test the tensile strength of a sample at rest when subjected to a load. The strength, toughness, and ductility of plastic can also be learned through experimentation. The ASTM D638 standard in Mpa or psi is commonly used in the specification tables for plastic materials. The production process in Everwide is as follows: the required mold is made according to ASTM specifications, and the surface is cleaned and evenly wiped with a release agent (Figure 1). Combine the upper and lower parts of the mold and lock the screws evenly in a cross-symmetrical manner (Figure 2). After filling the mold with adhesive, it is placed in a vacuum chamber to remove any excess air bubbles (Figure 3). The mold is placed in the oven and set up horizontally to cure according to the temperature conditions (Figure 4). After the glue is cured, remove the screws from the mold and the test piece (Figure 5).

—Author: Mr. Geng-Chang, Shi


Activity § 2022 Nepcon Vietnam

NEPCON VIETNAM 2022, the event is an international-standard electronics manufacturing industry show (Figure 1-3). We saw a new beginning in the electronics industry and technology innovation at NEPCON. We also saw our Vietnamese business colleagues at NEPCON, which reduced the language communication difficulties with our customers and thus improved the overall efficiency (Figure 4)! We would like to thank our Vietnamese distributors for their full support, and we are grateful to our customers for taking some time to help us improve (Figure 5). This year's exhibition has been successfully concluded, and we look forward to seeing you next year!


Knowledge § Will the same energy exposure result in the same photoaging behavior?

Plastics exposed to light do not necessarily have the same aging response for the same exposure energy. For example, 1W/m2 irradiation for 1000 hours is often not equal to 2W/m2 irradiation for 500 hours. The assumption that the same illumination has the same aging response is based on several premises: 1. the material contains only one substance that is affected by light. 2. the aging path is not affected by heat. 3. the photochemical reaction does not have a "saturation effect" and can absorb an unlimited amount of light at the same time. 4. the by-products of the reaction do not accumulate and interfere with further photochemical reactions. 5. the light absorber or stabilizer is not consumed over time. 6. there is no dark reaction. 7. there is no oxidation reaction independent of light, etc. These seemingly simple logics have a very complex relationship.


Living § Exciting and unforgettable paintball game

My first experience of "paintball" was quite addictive with friends during the weekend holiday. On that day, we put on a one-piece camouflage suit, plastic helmet, protective gear, and a gun, a sense of handsomeness. The gun has a urinal-shaped container, and the inside is filled with paintballs. Before the game started, we listened to the coach explain the rules and couldn't wait to get on the field. In the first "warm-up game," the battle was already quite intense, so I decided to go forward to avoid hiding under the same cover. As I looked around, an oncoming paintball hit my mask, and I was lucky to get a paintball. The instructor said, "The outside of the paintball is an edible capsule, and the inside is food coloring. Although it was an edible item, the taste of it was unbearable. In the first game, both players were not allowed to step into each other's enemy zone, and the second game started with more intense shooting. The second game had an additional area called the "snake cage," where both teams could fight at close range. I hid behind a gasoline barrel to support my teammates and shoot the enemy. When I saw my teammate return from the "snake cage," covered with bullet juice but already out of bullets, I offered my gun for him to charge and finally grabbed the flag to end the game. We all agreed to experience the thrill of the survival game together next time, it was really fun!

—Author: Ms. Ya-Hui, You


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