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Everwide newsletter No.389

Experiment § How to make a test piece(4)

The first two issues of the biweekly newspaper reported that an open mold was used, the resin was poured from above for curing, and then the mold was removed to remove the test piece. Since the surface of the test piece is not fixed, it needs to be ground flat to obtain the size required by the experimental specification. In this issue, we introduce a three-piece closed mold in which the mold surface is cleaned, and the release agent is wiped evenly (Figure 1). After combining the mold's upper, middle, and lower parts, lock the screws evenly in a cross-symmetrical manner (Figure 2). We slowly pour part of the glue into the mold, then put it into a vacuum chamber to remove air bubbles, pour some resin, and then vacuum. Repeat this step until the glue fills the mold (Figures 3, 4). It is placed in an oven for curing according to temperature conditions. After the glue is cured, remove the mold screws and the test piece. Since the surface of the test piece is close to the mold, the surface is flat, and the size is fixed. The test piece in Figure 5 is used for experiments such as destruction voltage, volume resistance, surface resistance, and thermal conductivity.

—— Author: Miss. Jia-Jing, Lin


Activity § Skills Assessment of Personnel

In order to complete the tasks, the company must properly train the colleagues responsible for the project and make sure they have learned. Since 2021, the manufacturing department has implemented a personnel skills assessment to verify the proficiency of operators. We will continue to reflect on the assessment process to make the process more complete and consistent. We also make videos of the process as teaching materials for new colleagues to make the flow of knowledge more effective (Figures 1-3). In addition to the manufacturing department, the management and quality assurance departments have also begun implementing competency assessments (Figures 4, 5). With the expansion of enterprise scale, the absorption and transfer of knowledge are becoming increasingly important. Only when this thing is done well can the overall efficiency be improved. If this thing is not done well, the bigger the company, the dumber it will see. We work together to prevent the latter from happening.


Knowledge § How long does the weathering tester work equivalent to one year of outdoor exposure? (2)

Even if we simplify the conditions and assume the same environmental changes in the same location, finding the acceleration factor between the lab and the outdoors is still challenging. As mentioned above, the instrument has many parameters that can be set. What kind of parameters can simulate the outdoor conditions of that place? Simply put, we need to take several different materials and expose them to the sun using laboratory instruments and actual outdoor exposure. The aging results of these two different environments are arranged from good to bad, and the correlation coefficient is calculated. If the two results are highly correlated, it can be determined that the experimental conditions have a good simulation of outdoor conditions, and the acceleration factor for each material can be calculated separately with these data.


Living § Small Liuqiu has a lot of fun

Liuqiu Island, commonly known as Small Liuqiu, was originally known as Latin American Island and Golden Lion Island and is an outer island in the southwest of Taiwan Island. Lesser Ryukyu is a coral reef island with an area of 6.802 square kilometers, and although the whole island is small, it is still amazing to travel there. Green turtles were seen in the waters around Small Liuqiu in July this year, and six of the world's seven species of turtles are threatened with extinction, and the green turtle is one of them. Fortunately, Small Liuqiu has seaweed that green turtles like to eat, so you can see green leek turtles swimming past you while snorkeling. When we went to Small Liuqiu this time, the homestay owner not only helped us arrange our itinerary but also recommended our local delicacy - "ghost dumpling." At night, the homestay's owner also turned into a stargazing commentator: "You can see Scorpio in the starry sky in July." Fortunately, Small Liuqiu did not suffer too much light damage, and within the field of vision visible when looking up, we can see the whole beautiful sea of stars, which is very beautiful. We still can't forget that picture. The most comfortable time to visit Xiaoliuqiu is in June and July, riding an electric car around the island freely, with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other, a leisurely and slow-paced itinerary is a comfortable itinerary so that you can enjoy the feeling of travel. Who said that you have to go abroad to be considered a tourist? Small Liuqiu is very beautiful!

─Author: Miss. Cen-hui, Wang


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