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Everwide Newsletter-No.38

Experiment § Differences between different brands of the same name

The acid anhydride hardener MEHHPA commonly used in epoxy resins has different trade names for other brands. For example, Hitachi Chemical (HN5500), New Japan Chemical (700G), South Asia (4MHHPA), etc. These commodities are mostly MHHPA (methyl hexahydrophthalic anhydride) and HHPA (hexahydrophthalic anhydride). The former CAS number is 25550-51-0, the latter 85-42-7. Since the mixing ratio of each brand is not the same, and methyl-hexahydro phthalic anhydride has isomers, the absorption spectrum of FTIR or the chromatogram of GPC will not be precisely the same. Sales staff often say: which product is the same level as the corresponding product? There are a few identical examples, and the switching between raw materials should be carefully experimented.

Note: There are some differences between New Japan Physics and Chemistry (700G) and Nanya (4MHHPA). For details, please consult Miss Ming-xiu, Lai, R&D Assistant.


Character § Never stop learning and working hard (Part 1)

Miss Qing-mei, Lu, Specialty: Everwide Products - Accounts Receivable; Department: Management Department - Financial Specialist. "If you don't want to do it, you will find an excuse; if you want to do it, you will find a way." Qing-mei, Lu firmly believes that "opportunities are for those who have courage." He believes that challenges will accompany the so-called opportunities! Only those who dare to accept the challenge can seize the opportunity. [Make the best choice for oneself] It is not difficult for chemistry graduates to find a job, but Qing-mei, Lu still faces the problem of choice. The same is to start from grass-roots work, choosing a highly replaceable but easy job or a promising but low-paying job. She chose the latter because he wanted to choose a job with accumulated experience and seniority and select the job that would be most helpful for the future. Qing-mei, Lu's first job was as an intern chemistry teacher at Hsinchu Girls' High School. She carried out curriculum planning and other related work and started teaching simultaneously. He mentioned that school education focuses on theoretical and grounded basic courses, but the industry prefers the practical needs of enterprises. There is no conflict between the two, and it is a continuation from school to industry. She also knows that many people learn passively when they are studying and do not think about future problems, but when they are employed, they will know that the less they owe, the faster they can pay off the debt, and only in this way can they learn whole technology solidly. [Interest is the key to learning] The strength that supports Qing-mei, Lu's entry into the field of chemistry is interest. Indeed, if you want to go into this line of work, you must fully understand it. If you are not interested, it will be excruciating no matter what you study. He firmly said: "Because of my interest, I will keep going to try and research and development all night long. Even if I only sleep for an hour a day, I am delighted because I enjoy it." "The field of chemistry is quite broad, and some people It takes three years to learn light hardening resin, and two years to learn epoxy resin; but human life is concise, if you want to excel in a short time, you must use the right method. The fastest way is to use other people's experiences. Treat it as your own experience, which is to learn the techniques of others directly." Because someone guides you is much faster than groping yourself.

─Author: Mr. Yu-ren, Chen, R&D Assistant Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § What is the exothermic curve of the resin reaction?

Most resins release heat as they undergo a chemical reaction to harden. The environment may absorb this heat, or it may cause the temperature of the resin itself to rise continuously, depending on the ambient temperature and the measured weight at the time of testing. When the resin temperature is too high, it may cause the failure of the components; it may also cause huge stress to damage the components when the temperature is lowered. In other words, it is essential to understand the behavior of the reaction exothermic. The easiest way to assess the exotherm of a resin reaction is to use a thermometer to record the temperature versus time for a specific weight of resin at a specific ambient temperature (usually 25°C). The temperature of the above data is listed as the ordinate, and the time is listed as the abscissa.

Product § FG125

ULTRAWIDE FG125 is a photocurable resin successfully developed for low shrinkage requirements. The cured resin exhibits stable dimensional stability due to its low shrinkage rate. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the resin will react quickly and form and has good adhesion with plastic and metal, especially suitable for fixing and bonding DVD read/write heads.

The characteristics of FG125 are: (1) It has properties such as toughness, resistance to cold and thermal shock, and it will not be degummed after long-term use. (2) It can exert the highest bonding strength after molding, and the use method is simple and reliable. (3) The resin shrinkage rate is low after hardening, and the dimensional stability is good.


Living § Half Da-you, Wu, half Yong-qing, Wang

In 1988, when I was just admitted to a university, I visited my uncle at Zhongli EPOLAB Chemical. I saw him nailing a note on the wooden door of the office. He wrote "Half Da-you, Wu, half Yong-qing, Wang" neatly with a ball pen. Commonwealth Magazine once investigated the idols in the minds of college students at that time. In terms of wisdom, everyone respected Da-you, Wu, and in terms of wealth, everyone envied Yong-qing, Wang, so "Half Da-you, Wu, half Yong-qing, Wang" was the benchmark for young people at that time. This report also influenced uncle San, so he wrote this line of self-improvement. Yong-qing, Wang that year also inspired me. When I was admitted to the Department of Chemistry of Tsing Hua University, I applied for the Department of Chemical Engineering as an auxiliary department and completed all the required courses in the Department of Chemical Engineering. At that time, I was very envious of Yong-qing, Wang's large factory with dense pipelines and barrels. After studying some chemical calculations seriously, I plan to work at Formosa Plastics as a professional chemical engineer after graduation. Although I planned to leave the bank for a while in college, I became interested in Yong-qing, Wang again when I was in graduate school, and bought many biographies of Yong-qing, Wang written by Guo-tai to read. These books should still be on the shelf now. When I heard the news of Yong-qing, Wang's death this morning, I felt something wrong. I don't know if I was too tired for a while? Or did you not sleep well last night? The mood is deeply troubled by the afternoon, and there is almost no way to work. In the evening news report, Zhong-mou, Zhang commented that Yong-qing, Wang's death was the end of an era of giants, which made me understand what affected me. Calling Yong-qing, Wang a giant does not mean that he is rich. Yong-qing, Wang may be the last person who built a huge group from scratch in modern Taiwan. In contemporary society, most large enterprises and large financial groups need the support of policies and the fundraising of the stock market to establish their products. The products are not necessarily manufactured by entities, which is very different from the pattern of Yong-qing, Wang's fortune in the past, so Zhong-mou, Zhang said that this is the end of an era. Many people regard Yong-qing, Wang as the object of recognition and study, including his entrepreneurial spirit, management philosophy, life experience, etc. From a certain perspective, these people are all participants in Yong-qing, Wang's era, such as my parents my uncles. For them, what meaning does Yong-qing, Wang's death represent? Dad won't talk much tonight, so I dare not ask. As for me, I can only be regarded as an inexplicable fan of Yong-qing, Wang. Since childhood, he followed his elders to worship Yong-qing, Wang. When he was a student, he planned to betray Yong-qing, Wang. On a business trip, he stayed in a small hotel to read Yong-qing, Wang's biography. In the past ten years, he almost forgot about Yong-qing, Wang. Yong-qing, Wang is not my spiritual mentor, but the emotions in his name have entered and left my life many times, and the case has not been closed to this day.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


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