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Everwide newsletter No.390

Experiment § How to make a test piece(5)

Common test film production methods have been introduced in previous issues of the experimental reports, which are suitable for most products of Everwide. However, due to the characteristics of some products, it is not easy to make test pieces. For example, adhesives with very low viscosity and easy flow may be deformed due to heating flow when making a test piece of a specific thickness. Or the filling glue with a large amount of filler will cause the filler to precipitate due to the decrease in viscosity during baking, resulting in the bending of the test piece due to the difference in the proportional distribution of the filler (Figure 1). These abnormal test pieces will affect the test results, so it is necessary to use other methods to make test pieces. Use a glass clip containing release paper and stand it upright, sandwiching a concave piece of metal in the middle as a side wall (Figure 2). The thickness of the side wall can be adjusted according to different specimen thicknesses. Commonly used is 1mm~3.2mm, or even thicker (Figure 3). After curing, a long sheet is formed, cut into the appropriate shape according to the needs (Figures 4, 5). This method is suitable for products that are easy to infusion, and their width, thickness, and length can be freely combined. Isn't that a lot of diversity, you say?

─Author: Mr. Zhan-Yu, Chen


Activity § Students visit and make reports

Students from Chung Yuan University and the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology should write a report according to the content of the visit as semester homework for class. Students carefully inquired about the process from production to warehousing and the application of terminal products. Everyone took tools to measure and record to grasp the working hours and factory configuration. Looking at everyone's serious expressions, I wish them a high score on their report (Figures 1-5)!


Knowledge § How long does the weathering tester work equivalent to one year of outdoor exposure? (3)

It is possible to simulate the aging phenomenon in a specific area in the laboratory, but it requires considerable experimentation, and the established parameters are only applicable to the materials participating in the experiment. Even for materials of the same kind, if there are large differences in formulation, such as color, antioxidants, anti-hydrolytic agents, light absorbers, etc., which are enough to affect the aging mechanism, the parameters may not be applicable. Laboratory equipment is used to predict outdoor results with care, and it is best at comparing materials to each other, quickly seeing changes, and quickly adjusting recipes.


Living § Counselling for Toads: A Psychological Adventure

The story " Counselling for Toads: A Psychological Adventure " refers to the toad who went through ten consultations, gradually understood himself and faced his emotions, and finally recovered his previous cheerfulness and embarked on a new journey. "How are you feeling today?" The toad always replied, "I'm fine, thank you." Toads, like many people, don't think carefully about what they really feel inside and even choose to ignore their emotions because they think feelings won't hold them back if they do so. In the book, the counselor divides "feelings" into one to ten, which can be used to perceive one's feelings. The book divides the structure of personality into three "modes of being." A child's ego state refers to behaving and feeling like a child and will repeat the past situation because of the environment when he was a child and the way his parents treated him. Parental ego refers to behaving like parents, wanting to repeat the concepts and values obtained from parents in order to educate others and force others to accept. Adult ego refers to dealing with the situation in the present in a rational and non-emotional way, without being affected by the past or overwhelmed by the feelings of childhood. If you look closely at the people around you, you will find that everyone has a different mode of existence, and the state of coping with others is naturally different. No one can force others to change to an adult self-state. Only you can choose what you want to become, provided you have to face yourself first. After reading this book, I consulted with the toad and recommended it to you!

— Author: Ms. Xin-Ying, Zhou


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