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Everwide newsletter No.391

Experiment § How to make a test piece(6)

After reading the arrangement of the above table, is it better to understand the production of the test piece? Choosing a suitable mold to make specimens can reduce the number of defective specimens. For example, internal bubbles, filler precipitation, colloidal flow during baking, shape change, etc. Because it is very time-consuming to produce test pieces, it is important to make suitable test pieces so the test results will be more reliable. The details of each production are detailed in the biweekly No. 386~390, and perhaps you can also make the test piece you need according to your ideas.

——Author: Mr. Zhan-Yu, Chen


Activity § Dun & Bradstreet ESG Empowering Enterprise

In recent years, we have been awarded the "ESG Sustainability Excellence Award" (Figure 1) from the Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award (Figure 1) by conducting an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, continuously creating a friendly working environment, and cooperating with schools and social welfare. Colleagues went to the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology to share their knowledge of adhesive materials and encouraged students to learn independently (Figure 2). The company supports the Taitung Success Shang Shui Baseball Team, which is the only Aboriginal youth baseball team, and the school has specially added the Everwide logo to the jersey (Figure 3). Supporting Taiwanese agriculture, buying fruits to share with colleagues, and Annona squamosal. is big, sweet, and delicious (Figure 4). Watch a movie after work at the employee's home night! The adaptation of a real story touched the viewers (Figure 5). We all work together to fill you and me with good things!


Knowledge § Can heating accelerate MS resin curing?

The reaction of MS resin is divided into two stages. The first is hydrolysis with atmospheric moisture, followed by a condensation reaction to cure. Theoretically, an increase in temperature can speed up the reaction, but hydrolysis relies on water in the air. Therefore, it is also necessary to consider the problem of humidity. The absolute humidity in the oven is low. If the MS colloid is heated quickly after pointing, it is difficult to determine whether the hydrolysis reaction will become faster or slower.


Living § Organize the past, face the future

In my past business career, maintaining customer relationships was the focus. In particular, unfamiliar development customers make up a large proportion of my work, and the first thing to do is "how to break the ice"! It is particularly important to attract customers' attention quickly, focus on product needs, and create a warm and harmonious atmosphere. In addition to product expertise, I am good at intimate and non-oppressive conversations. Interactions like this often make customers impress, even if they don't make an immediate purchase; remember me the next time they need it! Outside of work, pop dancing is also my specialty, and I listen to music swaying to let the stress express through sweat. I also like to jog, listen to my favorite music while enjoying the breeze, and the beautiful scenery along the way, let the worries temporarily forget about it, and feel relaxed in my body and mind. In addition, because I was baptized by Scouting activities when I was a student, I fell in love with improvisation, and I could improvise all the team calls and team songs, so my on-the-spot adaptability was terrific. In the past, I was often invited as a company caudal teeth host and dance performer, and hosting tested my ability to control the venue. This year, I came to the Everwide family, hoping to bring the accumulated abilities in the past into my current work, showing self-confidence and courage to challenge myself.

—— Author: Ms. Hui-Jun, Chen


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