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Everwide newsletter No.392

Experiment § Light-curing balanced counterweight adhesive

Counterweight provides balance and stability to a mechanical system by applying opposite weights. The purpose of counterweighting is to increase mechanical load forces, thereby saving energy and reducing wear and tear on the machine. The light-curing balanced counterweight adhesive developed by Everwide improves conventional resins by light curing, saves process time, and maximizes production capacity if the complicated process of repeatedly handling and gluing workpieces can be used. This product is suitable for equipment that needs to be balanced, such as rotors, armatures, fans, drums, and motors (Figure 1, 2). Product features 1. The proportion of glue material is large, so the amount of glue used is less, which greatly reduces costs. 2. The curing depth can reach 2mm, which overcomes the defect that other glues will not dry (Figure 3, 4). 3. The leveling and flattening performance is good. It is easy to use (Figure 5). 4. The appearance can be adjusted according to customer needs and is no longer limited to specific colors. This product has excellent impact resistance and vibration resistance to provide you with a new choice of counterweight adhesive. We welcome interested friends to contact us. We have samples ready, and you can request these samples for a trial.

——Author: Mr. Zhong-De, Chen


Activity § Official website, catalog update

The catalog is not only the printing of products sold on paper but also the medium of the company's image and product quality (Figure 1). In recent years, the application of Everwide adhesive in the industry has become more and more diversified, and to allow customers to grasp the information quickly, the demand for product catalogs has also increased greatly (Figure 2, 3). In addition to the paper version, you can also search for the new edition of various catalogs in the download area of the official website, and I invite you to click on the link: (Figure 4, 5). In addition, if you have noticed, the English version of the recent biweekly newsletter has been released on the official website at the same time as the Chinese edition. Welcome to browse!


Knowledge § Can adding hard fillers improve the toughness of epoxy resins?

Epoxy resins have poor toughness; sometimes tougheners are added to improve toughness. The most common tougheners are rubber systems; in a few cases, hard fillers are used to toughen them. When the resin breaks, the front end of the crack hits a hard particle that must be bypassed from different directions and then merged again behind it, which consumes more burst energy than a system without particles. In contrast, the molecular chains between hard particles are bound, and it is relatively difficult to move when ruptured, and the polymer chains absorb less rupture energy. The former helps toughen, the latter is not conducive to toughening, and in general, whether hard fillers can improve the toughness of the resin depends on the situation.


Living § Good book sharing, sweet afterlife

This book is about soothing hearts that have been traumatized by the March 11, Japan earthquake. The author Yoshimoto Banana is like a friend, not comforting in the form of preaching, but telling the subject of life and death through beautiful stories, bringing people a kind of stress-free healing. It wasn't meant to be appeased, but it used a witty tone that I really liked. Coupled with the set of characters and plots, the content of the article is rich, and the artistic conception is quite attractive. The book says: "The flowers by the window bloom beautifully, and the equally depressed people cheer each other up in the dim world. We can only accumulate strength with such small things as putting beautiful shells in our pockets." Do you also feel that the author wants to convey a simple heart and temperature, giving people courage and the power to face reality? The author's emphasis on healing is not relaxation but a feeling of calm from the heart. Overcoming difficulties through composure promotes our spiritual growth. The book mentions death and parting, but most of the content only slightly touches on the death situation and explains how to regain lost strength through the struggle of the heroine's heart. The article's content has intriguing truths and methods, and although it is not easy for me to implement, the moving meaning and words are worth chewing carefully. Share it with those who like to play with words.

——Author: Ms. Xiao-Yan, Zhang


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