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Everwide newsletter No.396

Experiment § Surface treatment of difficult substrates

"Primer" is a type of surface treatment (Figure 1). Surface treatment can impart various properties to the polymer surface and is the most common application to improve adhesion. For example, some plastic materials have a crystalline structure, or low surface tension, such as PP, PA66, etc., which are difficult to form good bonds with adhesives. The adhesion strength of the adhesive can be improved by using the treatment agent to wet the material's surface or destroy the crystalline structure.

Everwide GS667 is a surface treatment agent applied to PP substrate, baking conditions of 80°C heating for 2 minutes to achieve surface dryness. Recently, environmental awareness has increased, and we have also developed a low-VOC surface treatment agent GS671, which is suitable for recycling PET and baked at 80°C for 5 minutes. The GS671 treated material allows low-VOC coatings that were previously free of adhesion to the substrate, such as Everwide GC195 series coatings, with a Cross-cut test result of 5B (Figure 2). In order to achieve better adhesion characteristics of the end product, different substrates still need to use different adhesives and then match the appropriate surface treatment agent. If you have relevant needs, please get in touch with us.

— Author: Ms. Man-Yun, Qiu


Activity § current events

In the first quarter of each year, we will advocate for colleagues on quality awareness, environmental safety and health, emergency response, and other awareness training. If colleagues still have insufficient awareness, the unit head will provide intensive coaching to build a group consensus to improve the effectiveness of the work (Figures 1, 2). This year, we co-organized semester off-campus internships with the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, National Formosa University, and Feng Chia University. We welcome you to join us (Figure 3). To increase students' understanding of the internship unit, we used interview questions from the internship record form to promote communication and interaction (Figure 4). In recent years, we have been implementing a reduction in paper use. We have successively converted paper into electronic forms, such as event satisfaction questionnaires and book registration forms, to obtain information and reduce carbon emissions quickly (Figure 5). Isn't it great to have new developments and progress every year?


Knowledge § Why doesn't Silicone have many bubbles?

The silica gel of RTV1 reacts with moisture in the air to form a silanol structure, releasing organic volatiles, which is then cured by condensation with a silanol. Different types of silica gel release different organic volatiles, such as acid silica gel releasing acetic acid and neutral silica gel releasing methanol or butanone oxime. It also reacts with moisture in the air. The carbon dioxide released by PU is gas, so it will become obvious bubbles. The substances released by silica gel are liquid at room temperature and slowly volatilize into the environment, so they are unlikely to produce bubbles. If the silica gel in the reaction is placed at a high temperature, there are likely to be many bubbles close to the boiling point of the volatiles.


Living § Have fun in Cijin District

The Cijin Scenic Area was named after Qi Hou because it was located behind Qi Mountain, and this place was once used by boats to and from the Ferry crossing, so it was renamed Cijin. Although the Cijin Peninsula is small, many eye-catching spots around are suitable for arranging tours. On the weekend, I got up early and headed south to Cijin. I also stopped by Tainan to drink pork beef soup as an appetizer for breakfast today. The meat of the soup is tender, and the soup is sweet, so it is worth tasting. Arrived in Kaohsiung City at eight o'clock and drove to Gushan Mountain Ferry Station. There is a long queue in front of the ferry station, and the full ticket from Xiziwan Ensenada to Cijin Ferry Station is only 30 yuan, and it takes about ten minutes to dock. After disembarking, I went to the Tianhou Temple in Cijin to pay respects and pray for the best of the day. I walked down the street to the port, enjoying the sea breeze, feeling leisurely and relaxed. Beautiful installations and cute black cats by the sea add a touch of moving color to the scenery. Seafood Street is a good place not to be missed, and the shrimp cakes here are crispy and delicious. Cijin's specialties, small rolls, and peanut egg crisps are also must-eat dim sum. Finally, we went to Xiziwan Ensenada to enjoy the sunset, the natural reef, and the sunset scenery. The golden yellow sun shone on the blue sea, shining brilliant red light. Although the infinite scenery is unforgettable, I finally waved goodbye to CiJin, accompanied by the setting sun. Many people are here on holiday, and if you don't want to be crowded, you can visit on weekdays!

—Author: Mr. Jia-Rong, Cai


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