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Everwide Newsletter-No.39

Interactive § The driving force of progress

To strengthen the professional skills of the staff of the manufacturing department, Everwide Chemical arranges weekly education and training for the staff of the manufacturing department. Through lectures and group discussions, the staff of the manufacturing department can better understand the practice of labor safety and quality management system.


Character § Never stop learning and working hard (Part 2)

Miss Qing-mei, Lu, Specialty: Everwide Products - Accounts Receivable; Department: Management Department - Financial Specialist. "If you don't want to do it, you will find an excuse; if you want to do it, you will find a way." Qing-mei, Lu firmly believes that "opportunities are for those who have courage." He believes that challenges will accompany the so-called opportunities! Only those who dare to accept the challenge can seize the opportunity. 【Concluded an excellent relationship with Everwide Chemical】Because of her excellent performance in chemistry, Qing-mei, Lu was introduced by a friend from Columbia University, so she successfully entered the chemical resin business. In addition to being highly recognized for his strength, he also possesses the most important research and development capabilities of chemical resins because of his dual technical background in teaching and the Department of Chemistry. Excellent talents like him, Everwide Chemical will never let go. He chose to settle in Everwide because it has a variety of chemical resin product lines, which can meet the needs of enterprises and clients. Of course, more important is that Everwide is like an exercise room, allowing him to enhance his strength continuously. "There are sufficient learning resources here, which will encourage you to keep learning, reminding you not to be complacent like a frog in a well. And then through constant internal competition and study, you will become your own greater motivation for learning." Because Everwide provides complete education, training will allow him to focus more on research in the technical field. 【Work hard to achieve your dreams】For those just starting to learn chemistry, Qing-mei, Lu often said: "Chemistry work depends on personal efforts. As long as you are willing to study hard, you will learn it yourself." Spontaneous learning is a chemistry person. It is crucial that many people are interested in the development potential of chemical work, but it is also necessary to recognize whether they are interested and have sufficient pressure resistance. Otherwise, listening to other people's advice is likely to go the wrong direction. "Some people like fortune-telling very much. They believe in the words of fortune-tellers, but they don't believe in their abilities." If you want to take a career in chemistry, you must first learn to believe in yourself because he is convinced that fate is absolutely in your own hands.

─Author: Mr. Yu-ren, Chen, R&D Assistant Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § What is the maximum temperature and time for the exothermic reaction?

In the resin reaction exotherm curve, the maximum temperature is the maximum temperature of the reaction exotherm, and the corresponding time is the reaction exotherm time. The maximum temperature of the reaction exotherm can be used as an important reference to ensure the reliability of components. In the resin reaction exotherm curve, the onset time when the slope changes sharply before the maximum temperature of the reaction exotherm can be defined as the usable time.


Living § Trilogy

I remember when a teacher was practicing, a child fell and was injured when he was playing after class. At first, it was not a big deal, but the injured child insisted that someone deliberately pushed him from behind. So the teacher asked the group of little devils who were playing together who pushed him down? Usually, no one admits it, five or six people bow their heads, and as expected, no one admits it. To put it mildly, at this time, the teacher will give the children the opportunity to use the time to awaken their memory and conscience. In fact, on the one hand, they are helping themselves to buy time and think about what to do next so as not to be unable to rectify the little devil but instead fall bogged down. Everyone watched them and waited in silence for five minutes. Everyone was still silent. At this time, the informer with a sense of justice couldn't hold back, and a voice came from the crowd. "Teacher, teacher, he pushed it, I saw it." The accused guy stared and said he didn't. "No, no, I didn't push him; he fell by himself." Informer: "It was you, when he was standing here, you were standing there. And so on..." The informer said more and more. Get over the addiction and even start demonstrating the slow-motion in detail. The accused guy was confronted and speechless; his face became redder and redder, his neck became thicker, blue veins began to appear on his forehead, and he began to speak his own words angrily. "He beat me first and then ran away. He wanted to provoke me and fight with me..." The behavior patterns of these children were imprinted on many people. When you don't want to face it, you delay and avoid it; when you can't avoid it, you lie to cover up the truth; and when the lie is exposed, you shirk the responsibility in shame and anger.

─Author: Mr. Wen-chao, Shi, Business Director, Everwide Chemical


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