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Everwide newsletter No.401

Experiment § Acrylic bonding to improve UV curing effect

Transparent acrylic is very suitable for bonding with UV glue. As customer product designs change, adhesives must also be continuously developed. Taking Figure 1 as an example, a layer of aluminum is plated on the adhesive surface of the acrylic, and the coating will cause the light transmittance to deteriorate, leaving only about 20% of the original. Such a structure will cause the reaction rate of the UV adhesive to deteriorate, and the unreacted components will contact the coating every day and finally corrode the coating. In addition to cosmetic defects, adhesion strength and weathering performance can be affected (Figure 2). We have developed the GC281 series according to customer needs, which has a better curing effect on workpieces with low light transmittance without affecting the adhesion strength of the adhesive. The product can pass the 60 °C/95% high temperature and high humidity test and reach 1~2 hours of boiling without degumming (Figure 3, 4). You are welcome to contact us.

— Mr. Dong-Qi, Pan


Activity § Taipei Autotronics

Taipei Autotronics ended successfully on April 15, attracting the attention of people involved in the automotive industry before the epidemic fully dissipated. Since 2013, Everwide's accumulated exhibition experience has gradually become rich, and the company is familiar with poster layout, adhesive hose display, DM design, personnel consultation, etc., in the booth (Figure 1~5). Many "gluers" are interested in resin in automotive electronics, speakers, and PC boards and are also highly inquired. You are welcome to inquire if you have related needs; we will gladly serve you.


Knowledge § What is the general thermal conductivity? (3)

Thermally conductive materials are often made of organic resins mixed with inorganic powders. The thermal conductivity of organic materials is not good, so it plays the role of bonding inorganic powders. The thermal conductivity is mainly determined by the "volume ratio" of the latter. Because the "specific gravity" of inorganic powder is greater than that of organic resin, it is necessary to have a considerable "weight ratio" to have a relatively high "volume ratio." For example, the specific gravity of resin and alumina is 1.16 and 3.95, respectively. When the weight ratio of alumina in the thermal paste is 70, 80, and 90%, the volume ratio is 49, 54, and 73%, respectively. In other words, even formulas with a high weight ratio that is difficult to process are not very bad in terms of volume ratio, which is where it is difficult to develop thermally conductive materials.


Living § Welcome to Baishatun Mazu

In 2020, I also enthusiastically participated in the Baisha Tun Welcome to Mazu, when Mazu started at 2 a.m., and the believers wore orange hats, pink armbands, and blue vests. The day before, at noon, I took the train to Baisha Tun Station, the car was already crowded with many incense lamp feet, and after getting off the train, I walked a short distance to Gongtian Palace. The crowd slowly set off until it was close to the starting time, with enthusiastic believers along the way, handing out bonding and supplies. On the first day, I walked from Miaoli Gongtiangong to Taichung Qingshui to stop and rest. I woke at 4 a.m. the next day and continued driving to a car factory in Changhua Yuanlin. On the third day, I followed the footsteps of the sacred palanquin, known as the "Pink Super Run," returned to Yunlin Huwei Agricultural Workers' Station, and arrived at Beigang Chaotian Palace on the fourth day. I squeezed on the left side of the entrance of the Chaotian Palace Temple, and when I saw the thirty-six deacons, I knew that the "pink sports car" was not far away and was ready to enter the temple and station. When the master of ceremonies of the temple said, "Welcome Baisha Tun Mama and Mazu on the mountainside to Beigang Chaotian Palace and welcome the Holy Driver." Shouting, "Enter ~ Enter Oh~," the "Pink Roadster" began to enter and retreat. Then the salutes and the rain of streamers flying in the sky welcomed the shrine into the temple. I admire those sedan crews, carrying the palanquin forward with fast steps, as if they will not get tired, but I am so tired that I need to rely on hiking poles to continue forward. Despite this, I still feel very excited and will have the opportunity to participate in the Mazu welcome activity in the future.

—Author: Mr. Zheng-Jia, Lai


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