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Everwide Newsletter No.407

Experiment report § Low temperature foam material with high magnification

With net-zero carbon emissions worldwide, implementing carbon reduction solutions is the goal of major companies. One of the key points of carbon reduction is product lightweight. High-rate foam materials are used for repair, filling, etc., which is a sharp weapon that considers the process, strength, and lightweight. Generally, high-magnification foam will collapse after a long period of baking (Figure 1). Using an innovative carbon-reduction process design, the customer placed the foam sheet into a mold, requiring the baking conditions to be reduced from 150°C to 120°C without collapse after long-term heating (Figure 2). However, the specific gravity after foaming is light, so it will cause the powder of the foamed material to be embrittlement and fly wildly, and the adhesion is poor (Figure 3). After some improvement, even if external forces damage the foam material, there will be no sticking and flying phenomenon (Figure 4). The foaming material of this product will expand by about 30 times, the density before foaming is 0.7 ~ 0.9 g/cm3, and the density after foaming is 0.02 ~ 0.03 g/cm3, and the overall foaming effect is good. The foam sheet will fill the entire range in the set space independently, and there will be no defects or uneven foaming in the area. Whether it is foaming in the workpiece or in-mold molding for protection, it is the first preferred lightweight material. Welcome to contact us.

—Author: Miss. Hui-Fang, Lai


Activity § Thailand International Electronics Show

In June this year, we once again participated in the Thailand International Electronics Production Equipment and Microelectronics Exhibition. This is a large-scale multi-purpose exhibition where you can meet people from all over the world, such as Thailand, India, and Australia, who are interested in our products. We also stopped by Thai distributors to hear their opinions. Compared with Taiwanese exhibitions, Thai exhibitions are much more popular and highly inquired. We received several good cases during this trip, and everyone was very excited and looked forward to more opportunities in the future (Figure 1~5).


Knowledge § Are there epoxy resins from bio-based carbon? (2)

Epichlorohydrin made from glycerol to synthesize general-purpose DGEBA resin can obtain 28% biochar. In addition, some resins are synthesized from raw materials such as epichlorohydrin, lignin, isosorbide, and cardanol. A higher proportion of these resins come from natural matter, biochar of more than 65%, or even all of it is feasible. These resins are different from the current general-purpose DGEBA, and in addition to cost considerations, the performance of the cured products is also a great challenge.


Living § Peng Hu Fireworks Festival Tour

I was going to travel to Penghu last year, but due to the epidemic, I postponed my departure for a year. I still can't book a plane ticket this year, so I can only take the boat as usual. After arriving in Penghu, I went directly to the cross-sea bridge on Yuweng Island for an uninterrupted culinary journey. Eat all the way from Chung Kee Yaki Cake to Want Want Handmade Sea Vegetable Pancakes, YiJia Cactus Ice, and Lobster Oden. Dinner at the "stern barbecue" is prepared to celebrate the birthday of friends in Penghu, a group of people chatted at the barbecue restaurant until the store closed, everyone was very happy, and the birthday party became a good memory. The next day is the long-awaited "Penghu Fireworks Festival". The festival is known for incorporating drone shows in recent years, and this year it is themed around Disney's 100th anniversary, and many visitors have poured in. On that day, the children were told not to walk around randomly, but there was still a situation of "children getting lost", and everyone in a panic began to look around. Until the voice of a child came over the radio. When my sister went to the makeshift police station, the child was already crying. My sister also asked the police to let the child stay at the post station for a while, teaching him that he should not leave the team at will in group activities and pay attention to his own safety. Not long after the fright, the fireworks show officially began, and the beautiful sight made people revel in it! Unfortunately, the wind was too strong that day and the drone show was canceled, which became a reason to visit again in the future. To be honest, we are all already looking forward to our next trip to Penghu.

— Author: Miss. Pei-Rong, Luo


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