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Everwide newsletter No.408

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Experiment § Temperature-resistant UV solution adhesive paste

UV solution adhesive is generally coated on PO film or PET film to make UV solution adhesive tape, which protects the workpiece or temporarily fixes it during the process. It is pressure-sensitive until it is irradiated with ultraviolet light. After ultraviolet light irradiation, its adhesion can be greatly reduced, and it is easy to detach from the workpiece. UV solution adhesive tapes with poor temperature resistance will have problems with residual glue on the workpiece after the high-temperature process (Figure 1), and some may not even be removed from the workpiece. As customer processes evolve, so do the requirements for UV solution adhesive. The temperature varies from 120°C to 180°C, and the time is also extended from a short 5 minutes to more than 30 minutes. We developed the high-temperature resistant UV solution adhesive GS751 in response to demand. GS751 has a certain tolerance to high-temperature processes, and after 180 °C/30 minutes under high-temperature conditions, the solution adhesive with UV irradiation can still be easily removed, and there will be no residual glue on the workpiece (Figure 2~4). After UV debonding, this product has a peeling force of less than 10g/in and can be easily removed (Figure 5). We welcome interested parties to contact us.

—Author: Mr. Dong-Qi, Pan


Activity § Donate feed to the homeless home

One time I climbed Erjian Mountain, I heard someone talking about the cost of sterilizing stray dogs, so I met a loving father and mother who love stray dogs (Figure 1). They set up the "Let the Waves Have Love" association, so we donated some feed to support them. The feed was distributed as follows, Lin Xiaohe dog park 50 packs, three loving mothers five packs each, and the rest remained in Yongguang, Huahan, Huashan, and Erjianshan, to support the rescue of waves (Figure 2~4). These well-wishers provide feed and rescue tasks such as TNR (catch, ligation, release) and the delivery of stray dogs. In fact, the animals are not in question but the people. People did not sterilize animals and abandon them at will, which is why today's problem is today. These problems will not disappear but will expand and can only be improved by people with the right understanding.


Knowledge § Are there epoxy curing agents from bio-based carbon?

The cured product of epoxy resin is composed of both resin and curing agent, and how much bio-based carbon is also related to the curing agent? The largest proportion of curing agents is amines, and polyamines with simple structures (including fatty amines and aromatic amines) are petrochemical products. Plants' simple dehydration reaction of fatty amines and fatty acids results in polyamides. The simple structure of aliphatic amines and plant-derived cashew phenol undergo a Mannich reaction to obtain phenolic amine curing agents (Phenalkamines). Both types of curing agents have been mass-produced for decades, and both have a high percentage of bio-based carbon. In other words, bio-based carbon products don't have to be new.


Living § Approachable Hehuan Mountain

Mountaineering has become my favorite pastime. Before dawn at 4 a.m., we set off from the Hehuan East Peak Trailhead to the top to enjoy the sunrise. When you descend the mountain, you can see the abandoned ski lift station, and it is difficult to imagine skiing in the past. Opposite the eastern peak of Hehuan Mountain is the North Peak of Chilai, Mount and the main peak of Chilai, Mount, and from this side, it is a scene of rock walls, so it is called "Black Chilai, Mount." If you climb Mount Chilai, Mount to see the other side, it is actually a green arrow bamboo grass slope, swaying with the wind. Mountains, like people, are actually very multifaceted. Songxue House in Hehuan Mountain is the tallest hotel in Taiwan. I parked my car next to it last night and slept in it, which is considered to have stayed in this hotel. Not far away, you can see Shimen Mountain and the north peak of Shimen Mountain, and during the Japanese occupation period, the mountain road was dug with explosives, forming a gate-like appearance, hence the name. The road on the right in the photo is a hiking trail, and the road is on the left, so you can imagine cutting the mountain in the distance. The third mountain is the North Peak of Hehuan Mountain, where alpine azaleas and microwave reflectors are in front of you. A friend asked me why I didn't move on to West Peak. This is a joke, it takes more than 8 hours to go back and forth from West Peak, and I am afraid that I will not be able to walk back when I arrive. Taiwan's mountain scenery is very beautiful, and the Hehuan Mountain series is relatively easy, so everyone is welcome to experience it when they have time.

—Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Lee


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