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Everwide Newsletter-No.40

Experiment § IMD project development - three-dimensional texture transparent extension glue

Everwide Chemical is committed to researching and developing three-dimensional textured transparent extension adhesives. This series of resins have extended toughness after hardening and are suitable for bonding on PC plastic sheets. The following is the diaphragm extension experimental test. After printing the three-dimensional pattern on the diaphragm (as shown in Figure 1), heat the diaphragm with fire (as shown in Figure 2), and apply force to stretch the diaphragm outward (as shown in Figure 3). After the film is stretched, the film's integrity is still maintained (as shown in Figure 4), and the film is not damaged due to force stretching. In addition, Everwide Chemical has also developed a series of resins for IMD projects, such as various extended UV inks (Figure 5), lithographic ink extension glue, and Hard Coating coating glue. For further information, please contact the Everwide Chemical R&D team.


Character § Learning to increase one's indispensable value (Part 1)

Mr. Wen-zheng, Zeng, expertise: computer software and hardware. Network erection planning. Web Design; Department: Management Department - Information Engineer. "I have been in a state of progress, trying my best to grow a lot in every link so that I can quickly absorb it wherever I throw it like a sponge." Motto: Forrest Gump Spirit. Obsessed with one thing, regardless of success or failure, do not ask for feedback. Always move forward, keep moving forward. Non-stop, until exhausted, no regrets. When I was a soldier in the communications force, I served as a wheeler dispatcher in the army, responsible for dispatching, assigning, and commanding the vehicles of the entire company. I learned the three spirits of "responsibility," "professionalism," and "persistence" in it. Commander and brothers' relationship was perfect; even after he was discharged from the army, these three spirits never disappeared in his heart. [Learning, increasing one's indispensable value] Self-study and sharing is an essential learning aid for Wen-zheng, Zeng. After he has studied knowledge hard, sharing it in time is his happiness. Otherwise, it is a waste of resources for him! [The Learning of "picking stones on the beach" is endless] When asked, "what is the key to success for you to be one step ahead of others in the field of information," Wen-zheng, Zeng laughed and said that he was still far from success. I got started because I was interested in information, but when I got started, I found that I had a lot to learn! He felt like what Newton described as "a child picking up rocks on the beach." Because the beach is so big and there are so many stones, it makes me feel smaller. Although there are still many stones to be picked up in the field of information, Wen-zheng, Zeng will still work hard to make himself an excellent talent in his field. After all, continuous learning and growth, when he stepped into the information field, he already had such a cognition. [Each stage of learning is the foundation of the next phase] With a passion for information, Wen-zheng, Zeng can devote himself to every step of his career. "Learning in each field is the foundation of the next field." Wen-zheng, Zeng said with confidence. Information and age are sometimes inversely proportional, and it is not necessary that the longer the experience, the better the problem can be solved. Therefore, if you want to maintain a high degree of learning ability for information, it is best to develop an enthusiastic personality trait. Every time you see new technology, you will be very excited and want to try it, so that you will not feel that work is very painful. "Persistent interest, Absolutely the only way."

─Author: Ms. Xiao-jing, Liao, Purchasing Specialist, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § How to measure the non-volatile matter ratio of resin?

The definition of non-volatile matter ratio is to heat the resin at a specific temperature and then measure the weight change before and after heating, and the unit is expressed as a percentage. Another common indicator is Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), which measures the content of organic matter volatilized from the resin, expressed in g/l. These two indicators can be converted into each other in the organic solvent system but not in the aqueous solvent system.


Living § Good research secrets (1)

My dissertation advisor: Feng-zhi, Zhang from the Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chiao Tung University, once praised me, saying my dissertation looked smooth and logical. (To be honest, he also criticized my poor English and repeated mistakes.) Of course, I am pleased about the teacher's compliment, but it was no fluke. Before each experiment, I will preset the diagram I want to make on a piece of paper and then start the experiment according to this plan. Take the Differential Scanning Card (DSC) experiment as an example. Before the experiment, I would expect the Tg of this test piece to be 100°C. During the 7 minutes that the instrument was heated from 30°C to 100°C, I kept thinking about what I should do if the Tg is lower than 100°C? What if the Tg is above 100°C? Is there a problem with the test piece that should be redone? Or is the theory cited wrong and should be re-imagined? How to design circumstantial experiments? After 7 minutes, if the experimental results are as expected, bingo! Take one step forward and prepare for the next experiment. After 7 minutes, if the experimental results do not meet expectations, I am also ready to correct the coping strategy. While I have expectations for the experiment results, I am also preparing for handling methods that exceed expectations, so my research is always guided by a script with better control and design. Many graduate students do not do well in the skill of "running with the instrument." During the 40 minutes of running the instrument (experiment time plus cooling time), some people went to chat and date, and some went to play ball and have fun, and their heads were empty, and there were no images. There are no expected consequences of the experiment, often 40 minutes later, surprised and overwhelmed. This kind of inability to deal with the situation makes the thesis like a record with jumping needles, and the IQ is tested when reading, and after reading it, it is like a hangover. Once, a student asked me, "Senior, why do your data meet expectations and your papers are as smooth as a storybook?" I told him earnestly, "Senior; you don't know something. There is God; I have been worshipping Him on the 15th day of the first lunar month." "When the instrument was running, I even clapped my hands together and kept praying silently in my heart." Some people say: "Since the heart is spiritual, it is more able to worship the instrument often." Get the data you want. The junior listened and stuck out his tongue, thinking I was bluffing. Unexpectedly, after so many years, the most popular best-seller in the bookstore, "Secret," advocates the concept of achieving what you want, which coincides with what I said to my junior brother Hu-shi. I would like to strongly state that I am not a believer in "secret." I only believe in "strength theory." Strengthening meditation and building the image in your mind will help you prepare for everything and master success factors. 16 years ago, I was researching this, there is no "secret" at all, and I will pass on this mentality to everyone.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


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