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Everwide newsletter No.410

Experiment § Two-component modified silicone potting adhesive (2)

Everwide Chemical has developed the modified silicone FS211 series, which overcomes the shortcomings of general silicone mentioned in the previous issue and obtains a 1:1 two-component adhesive with low odor, less corrosion, low VOCs, and deep curing in a short time. As shown in Figure 1, the adhesion was tested at a high temperature of 120°C, and although the adhesion decayed slightly, it maintained 92% of the initial adhesion. The adhesion was tested at a high temperature of 150°C to maintain 85% of the initial adhesion. Figure 2 shows the adhesion between metallic aluminum and aluminum. In environments where moisture is difficult to penetrate, the FS211 series with the two-component type can also achieve 37% adhesion after 2 hours. This formula achieves 70% full cured adhesion after 24 hours. Of course, the time for full curing depends on the amount of adhesive, but it will not be greater than 7 days. This adhesive overcomes the bottleneck of one-component moisture resin (RTV1) curing depth of no more than 1 cm. The FS211 series is capable of curing depths up to 4 cm in a typical environment of 24 hours (Figure 3). The series can also be adjusted in terms of appearance color, viscosity, sag resistance, curing time, and adhesion strength. Welcome to inquire. ——Author: Mr. Zhe-Yong, Lin


Activity § Documentary film of the South-link Line

Before the high-speed rail and highways, early transportation mostly relied on trains. Railway electrification began in 1979, which greatly shortened transportation time and brought many conveniences. Along the railway, more and more wires and poles can be seen. The only railroad without electric poles can only be found in the documentary " South link line". The film records the process of the South-link Line from excavation, passage, and prosperity to transformation, and also mentions the plight of many people who died because of the excavation of the railway, as well as the railway workers who Many people died while digging the railway. Railway workers were unable to spend time with their families. The blue train which was as old as my grandfather, carried many memories and also disappeared after the electrification of the railway. We have always supported the use of movies to record the history of Taiwan, and we recommend you watch this documentary together. Although we don't study "Hynobius formosanus", "Euploea" and "train", we can help promote ideas, give people spiritual encouragement, and support fundraising as much as possible. We work together to make Taiwan better and better, which is something we sincerely look forward to (Figure 1-3).


Knowledge § Why are the autocatalytic reactions of epoxy resins and amines sometimes not obvious? (2)

Amine curing agents are divided into two categories: aromatic amines and aliphatic amine. Aromatic amines are not highly reactive, and reactions with epoxy resins require highly acidic catalysts, such as salicylic acid. The catalytic ability of the hydroxyl group generated by the ring-opening reaction for aromatic amines is too weak, so the characteristics of autocatalysis are not obvious. Similarly, in the reaction of epoxy resin and aliphatic amine, if phenolics or organic acids are added, the reaction will be significantly faster. Compared with these catalysts, the hydroxyl catalysis effect generated by the ring-opening reaction is relatively weak, resulting in self-catalysis becoming less important.


Living § Charity fair

"Hello! It's so hot, would you like a drink to cool off?" that was what we say most often on May 20 at the Heart-to-Heart Love Continuation Charity fair. The night before, it was raining heavily, and we were all praying for good weather on the day of the event. As a result, God sent us a surprise, the sun was shining brightly on the day of the fair. Maybe he knew I was going to do good today, so he gave us good weather and a good mood. In terms of public welfare, Everwide colleagues have also done a good job, not only setting up the company's brand EverBonder charity stall but also providing goods for adults and children to participate in DIY activities together. A group of helpful colleagues serve as volunteers. I'm thankful to be a part of them, working with like-minded colleagues to decorate merchandise, attract customers, and receive donations. The stalls sell Douliu tea drinks and twist roll. In the hot weather, thirst-quenching drinks and delicious snacks were sold out in less than two hours. In order not to disappoint the people who came to the fair later, the Genesis Foundation provided more charity goods, bags, and dolls, and all the proceeds will be donated to those in need. When all the charity goods were sold out, only we were sweaty at the stall. But our hearts are full of happy. If you also want to experience this event, welcome to participate in the next charity event and look forward to meeting you! ——Author: Miss. Ya-Wen, Lin


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