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Everwide newsletter No.411

Experiment § Frame adhesive for rearview mirrors

With the vigorous development of automotive industry technology, more technological driving assistance components are gradually being introduced and used. More and more cars are equipped with rearview mirror displays (Figure 1). The display can clearly understand the situation behind the car, as well as the distance from obstacles next to the car, greatly improving the safety and convenience of the driver compared to conventional rearview mirrors. How are rearview mirror displays assembled in industrial processes? The packaging technology is mainly to use adhesive to attach the two glass substrates coated with ITO circuits to package, inject liquid crystal material inside, and then seal the channel with sealing glue at the injection point (Figure 2, 3). If the solvent resistance of the adhesive is not good, the display frame will crack or atomize (Figure 4). The material of the frame adhesive is not simple, the material should have superior wettability, adhesion, durability, and solvent resistance to the substrate coating, and have extremely low pollution to liquid crystals. Everwide continues to focus on adhesives for automotive materials and has also successfully developed products for related applications. In addition to cationic systems, our adhesives have recently developed thermosetting resins for epoxy systems. The Tg of this thermosetting-type frame adhesive can reach more than 140°C, and it has the characteristics of low shrinkage. The resin is resistant to liquid crystal erosion after curing and performs well in the pressure cooker test (PCT). Welcome to contact us if you are interested. Author: Mrs. Li-Ling, Liu


Activity § Celebrity Charity Baseball Game

The Huashan Social Welfare Foundation has long been known for its care and concern for the elderly. The Charity Baseball Tournament, which was suspended for four years due to the epidemic. This year it held at Douliu Baseball Stadium. We purchasing 200 tickets to support this event: Seven tickets purchased is equivalent to a month's worth of funds raised to care for an elderly. Because the famous stars make us watch the game more elated and enthusiastic! For more information, you can check it out on the FACEBOOK fans page of the "Huashan Foundation Elderly Love Celebrity Charity Baseball Game".


Knowledge § What are ductile materials?

When developing 3D functional materials, customers expect both rigidity and toughness, so that the material can withstand greater destructive energy during impact testing. Rigid materials will be very hard, with less than 5% tensile elongation. On the contrary, the tensile strength of elastic materials is low, but the elongation can be more than 100%, and the combination of these two physical properties is a rigid and tough material. It is difficult to pull when stretched, but it can continue to stretch without breaking during the process of being pulled. It is a ductile material.


Living § Small trip to the European Coatings Show (1)

The European Coatings Exhibition is a biennial exhibition that attracts many participants from the related chemical industry. The exhibition has always been held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Hall in Germany and is the event of the global coatings industry. Generally, most direct flights to Europe and the United States leave in the middle of the night, and after a 14-hour flight, we arrived at Munich airport at 6:00 a.m. local time. Days 1 and 2 in Europe were spent adjusting to jet lag, the time here is 6 hours slower than in Taiwan, and I needed to stick around until nightfall to get to sleep, which was a challenge. In order to not fall asleep, I had to plan a short local tour. We decided to head to the BMW museum, which offers an in-depth look at the history of the brand, including different generations of cars, airplane engines, and electric vehicles. After that, we took the subway to arrive at Plaza Maria, where we found a few tourists waiting for the show on the façade of the City Hall, which made this attraction a great place to take photos. The next day, because we learned that the transport union in Volkswagen had started a strike in the afternoon, we decided to leave early for Nuremberg. Nuremberg has been an industrial town since the Middle Ages and is the industrial center of the state of Bavaria We stayed in a cozy little hotel in Nuremberg's old town, less than 5 minutes from the station, and there are many restaurants or vendors nearby, which is very convenient for transportation and dining. After discussing with our colleagues about the time of the product presentation and the list of manufacturers at the coating exhibition, it was our free time. Author: Mr. Zhi-Xian, Chen


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