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Everwide newsletter No.412

Experiment § Transmission meter

As the customer's requirements for optics gradually increased, we introduced the Transmission meter. It can quickly measure the light rejection of ultraviolet and infrared rays and the transmittance of visible light on the film surface. The Transmission meter parameter are: ultraviolet wavelength is 365nm, infrared light is 940nm, and visible light is 380~760nm. The depth of the test slot of this instrument is 20 mm, so thicker specimens such as glass can be measured (Figure 1). This instrument adopts a parallel optical path design, which is suitable for testing the visible light transmittance, infrared, and ultraviolet blocking rate of Auto Window Tint Film, Explosion-proof membrane, building membrane, sun control window film, and window film. The principle of instrument testing is to use an ultraviolet light source, infrared light source, and visible light source to irradiate the measured transparent substance. The sensor detects the incident light intensity of the three light sources and the light intensity after passing through the measured transparent substance, and the ratio of the transmitted light intensity to the incident light intensity is the transmittance, expressed as a percentage (Figure 2, 3). When measuring, you only need to put the test piece in the test slot and wait a few seconds to get an accurate value. When the test film is removed from the test slot, the instrument will automatically correct it. The Transmission meter can quickly know the basic optical data of the film, let us quickly understand the direction of the film that needs to be adjusted, and then use the ultraviolet spectrometer for the next step of accurate testing. It can help us to save time and cost, and make the product development process smoother.

——Author: Mr. Hong-Wen, Chen


Activity § Delicious and caring

In our busy lives, it's easy to overlook the people around us who need help. There is a simple way to contribute to society. Buying charity food can help people in need share love, which is a good way for giving back to society. During the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, we purchased gift boxes from the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and Tatcgugu to share with our colleagues. The Genesis Foundation mainly promotes maintenance of Aboriginal people persistent vegetative states and home service. Tatcgugu's farm aims to help Aboriginal people find jobs and revitalize the tribal economy. Its products are made from shiitake mushrooms and unique spices such as litsea cubeba. Mooncakes and mushrooms products are filled with love and warmth, it's very delicious. Colleagues said that this is my first time to try litsea cubeba spice product, let me know more about Aboriginal culture. Sharing happiness and generosity with others can make the festive more happier.


Knowledge § What is a semi-crystalline polymer? (2)

The molecular chains of semi-crystalline polymers are mostly stiff and usually crystallize slowly, so they appear transparent. The most common example is PC, with its BPA-free alternative Tritan™ Copolyester, and other engineering plastics such as PAr, PES, PEI, etc., which are normally non-crystallizing polymers. Exposing semi-crystalline polymers to high temperatures or touching solvents may allow the molecular chains to increase their ability to move, leading to crystallization. Sometimes crystallization is obvious, and whitening occurs in a large area. Sometimes the crystallized area is too small to be seen. When adhering to such materials with adhesives, the adhesives may induce crystallization on their surfaces, resulting in poor adhesion effects, which is a noteworthy phenomenon.


Living § Small trip to the European Coatings Show (2)

The next day in Nuremberg it was very cold because of snow. (Figure 1), and we encountered a parade of the General Strike, led by the transport trade unions whose members were participating in the strike for their rights so that mass transport in the Bavarian Federation came to a virtual standstill. Nuremberg's Schönbrunn Square has a weekday market with a lot of local foods and famous restaurants. On that day, I went to a restaurant in the old town, which sold simple food: sausages, grilled pork chops, and beer, but the customers were full (Figure 2). This year's European Coatings Show is a long-overdue physical exhibition and has attracted many industry manufacturers (Figure 3-5). In addition to chemical raw materials, additives, and dyes, there are also production and inspection machine manufacturers on display, and innovative technology and environmental protection and sustainability are also among their themes. The exhibition has eight exhibition areas at the Nuremberg Exhibition Hall, in addition to the manufacturer's booth, there are also three product launch venues, which are full of schedules every day, and you can choose products or topics of interest. Many exhibitors in the booth held their own presentations, explanatory sessions, as well as on-site experiments, so the participants were very enthusiastic. Many exhibitors prepared Bruschetta, chocolate fountains, Italian coffee machines, etc. for visitors and guests to enjoy. The exhibition provided a wealth of professional information to increase knowledge and keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, and it was a journey of knowledge and food. ——Author: Mr. Zhi-Xian, Chen


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