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Everwide newsletter No.417

Experiment § Light-curing flat cable reinforcing adhesive with the low dielectric constant

Nowadays, 5G mobile communication needs to be characterized by "high-speed transmission", "wide connectivity" and "low latency". "High-speed transmission" relies on high-efficiency antennas and low-dielectric transmission media, thus increasing the demand for low-dielectric materials. From this point of view, flat transmission cables are one of the keys to maintaining data transmission efficiency (Figure 1). Flat cable transmission to meet high-speed transmission, the most important thing is the low dielectric loss property of the base material (resin) and reinforcement material (fiber) within the copper foil substrate. In addition to this, there are flat cable reinforcing adhesives at the locations of the solder joints between the flat cable and the circuit board, which also have low dielectric properties. At present, the dielectric constant of UV flat cable reinforcing adhesive on the market is between 3~5, for the customers who want to have a low dielectric constant of less than 3, we have developed FR509-4 and FR509-5. This adhesive is a light-curing resin for reinforcing PVC/PET/PI and metal joints to avoid short-circuiting of flat cables during bending (Figure. 2). The experimental data of FR509-4 are as follows: viscosity is S14/20rpm 43,000~66,000cps, hardness is 70D, dielectric constant is 1kHZ 2.87, dielectric loss is 1kHZ 0.050, volumetric shrinkage is 3.91%, elongation is 176%, surface resistance is 4.44×10^14(ohm-cm), volume resistance is 3.57×10^15(ohm), shear strength is 117.92 kgf/cm2, water absorption is 25℃,24hr 117.92 is kgf/cm2, water absorption is 25℃,24hr 117.92 kgf/cm2, water absorption is 25℃,24hr 117.92 kgf/cm2. 1015(ohm), shear strength (steel v.s. glass) is 117.92 kgf/cm2, water absorption rate is 25℃,24hr is 0.19. The product has good curing surface dryness, and there will be no sticky or dust after curing, which is suitable for mass production of packaging in the electronics industry. ——Authors: Miss.Ya-Ting, Lin, and Miss. Yi-Lu, Ru


Activity § Appreciate the movie Braving the Peak

Known as the "Roof of Taiwan" and the "Protector of the Nation," the Central Mountain Range is a treacherous trail with 181 peaks over 3,000 meters in elevation and a length of more than 300 kilometers from north to south, quietly guarding Taiwan for millions of years. The documentary "Braving the peak" depicts trail runners walking through the central mountain range, into the depths of the mountains, and on distant heights to enjoy the precious mountain forest scenes. We also sponsored the post-production of the movie and invited colleagues to enjoy the movie with their friends and relatives, experiencing the shocking of walking on the "Roof of Taiwan". This year we have sponsored and watched several national films, such as " Good Morni MIT, " On the Train", "Lost Butterfly" and "Braving the Peak". Meaningful national films are worthy of encouragement and support.


Knowledge § How to reduce the thermal expansion coefficient of resin? (1)

Compared with inorganic minerals, the coefficient of thermal expansion of organic resins is slightly larger. The easiest way to reduce the thermal expansion coefficient is to mix inorganic fillers into the resin, and the more you add, the lower the expansion coefficient of the finished product. For example, the thermal expansion coefficient of a resin below Tg is 80 ppm, and the thermal expansion coefficient of crystalline quartz powder is 15 ppm, and the two are mixed with a weight ratio of 30/70, which is equivalent to a volume ratio of 40/60, and the thermal expansion coefficient after curing is about 47 ppm. If the weight ratio is changed to 20/80, which corresponds to a volume ratio of 36/64, the thermal expansion coefficient of the mixture is about 38 ppm. In this example, there are only 20 grams of resin to wet 80 grams of powder, and the value of the finished product is only reduced by half, so it is clear that reducing the expansion coefficient is not easy.


Living § The National Environmental Volunteer Group

I joined an environmental volunteer group with a friend at the Doonan Humanities Association. At first, I was curious and participated in the preliminary competition of the Environmental Protection Golden Mind in Yunlin County. As a result, our grounp stood out and represented Yunlin in the national finals. Before the finals, the Yunlin government arranged environmental education and learning activities on the day before the competition, so that participants could not only relax before the competition but also understand more about Taiwan's efforts in environmental protection issues through visits and experiences so that they could assimilate what they had learned and apply it in their daily lives. The first stop was the "Wisdomlohas Farm" (Figure 1) to learn how to make mosquito repellent with natural flavors. Then we visited the International Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Eco-Center (Figure 2) to learn about the importance of building with greenery. At the end of the day, we went to the " Luermen Matsu Temple" to pray for the success of the competition (Figure 3). The event was held at Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, and in addition to the Environmental Protection Golden Mind, there were also competitions for Resource Sorting King, Resource Dunker, and Environmental Defense. Each participant studied more than 5,000 environmental questions with the goal of doing their best to bring honor to their county. After a fierce competition, our team was awarded the Eco-Golden Minds Grand Prize, which was a great success (Figure 4 ,5)! ——Author: Mr. Yong-Long, Chen


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