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Everwide Newsletter-No.41

Interactive § The new home of Everwide Chemical E-News

Everwide Chemical Electronic News has been published for one and a half years, and the cumulative number of issues is currently 40. To serve the readers who read it regularly, we organize each issue of the Everwide Chemical Newsletter on the Everwide Chemical website. In addition to the previous download PDF file reading mode, a new online reading mode has been added to save readers waiting for downloading files. After each issue of Everwide Chemical Electronic News is published, we will immediately add it to the webpage for everyone to read. It is hoped that this will increase the opportunities for interaction with customers and share and pass on knowledge and experience to every reader of Everwide Chemical Newsletter. Thank you for being so supportive of the Everwide Chemical Newsletter. In the future, we will continue to serve you with enthusiasm! Thanks!

*Description of attached drawings: Website of Everwide Chemical Electronic Newspaper:

After entering the webpage of Everwide Chemical Newsletter, you can select "File Type" to download the PDF file for reading; or you can click "Online Browse," and a small window will pop up immediately for everyone to read. If you missed the previous e-newsletters, you can also search and download them on the website. Welcome everyone to join the ranks of Everwide Chemical Electronic News, and please provide your valuable suggestions. We will express our gratitude to you!


Character § Learning to increase one's indispensable value (Part 2)

Mr. Wen-zheng, Zeng, expertise: computer software and hardware. Network erection planning. Web Design; Department: Management Department - Information Engineer. "I have been in a state of progress, trying my best to grow a lot in every link so that I can quickly absorb it wherever I throw it like a sponge." Motto: Forrest Gump Spirit. Obsessed with one thing, regardless of success or failure, do not ask for feedback. Always move forward, keep moving forward. Non-stop, until exhausted, no regrets. When I was a soldier in the communications force, I served as a wheeler dispatcher in the army, responsible for dispatching, assigning, and commanding the vehicles of the entire company. I learned the three spirits of "responsibility," "professionalism," and "persistence" in it. Commander and brothers' relationship was perfect; even after he was discharged from the army, these three spirits never disappeared in his heart. [Don't bury your head and work hard, but also look up at any time] When it comes to learning methods, many people only know that "hard work, you just do it right." 'But Wen-zheng, Zeng advocated: 'Don't bury your head in hard work and look up at any time.' He believes that working hard is only a basic condition, but it may not be the right direction; only by looking up at any time can you "do the right thing." "For example, when you work hard to do A well, but after you do it well, you realize that what people need is B, just because you didn't look up, all your efforts are in vain!" Therefore, the most important thing is to work hard; you have to look up to see if your direction is correct and observe the level of effort of your friends around you. You can make progress only if you compare; otherwise, no matter how much effort you spend, it will be in vain in the end. As a graduate of the asset management department, he has become a leader in the information field along the way. Do many people wonder what his secret is? Wen-zheng, Zeng believes that information ability is only a basic threshold; the key is to have a clear direction for the future, and have the same goals from work experience, study field to life plan: "It is to be very focused, and it is the passion, find them only when you are most interested in the work can you specialize and focus on development, and naturally you can do your best!". Wen-zheng, Zeng has developed a strict self-discipline attitude since he was a child. "From childhood to adulthood, I have always believed that "what to do" is more important than "how to do it." In terms of self-management, my proportion is: I will spend most of my time thinking about receiving what to do, and then spend a small amount of time thinking about how to do it and who to do it for, because how to do it, as long as you know the most efficient way, as for who to do it, you can entrust it to someone capable, and you can achieve it as quickly as possible. The result of saving trouble and effort." With this power of action, in the workplace, Wen-zheng, Zeng always plans to build a dream step by step; no matter where he is, he can go all out and fully enjoy the challenges brought by work!

─Author: Ms. Xiao-jing, Liao, Purchasing Specialist, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § In the UV data, what are the indicators for evaluating skin irritation?

Some photo hardening resins are highly irritating to the skin, often causing skin redness and irritation. In the data of UV raw materials, the index for evaluating skin irritation is the Primary Irritation Index (PII), which is related to the feeling of the skin as shown in the following table:

Severe irritation

Low monomer monomers cause skin irritation. Wear protective gloves when using light-hardening resin, and avoid touching the skin. If the skin is stained with ink, wash it off with soapy water.


Living § On-site Improvement - Bad Pending Areas

Before the rectification, the things in the area look messy (as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2), and it isn't easy to control. And it blocked the original passage, and nothing could be placed! After the improvement, everything is on the shelves, very neat (Figure 3). It is also very convenient to count the quantity, and there is more space!

—Author: Mr. Er-kai, Ye, Warehouse Manager, Everwide Chemical

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