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Everwide newsletter No.421

Experiment § Protective adhesive on the surface of the solvent-free rim sticker

In response to the ESG of environmental protection, we have developed the GC320 series of surface protection adhesives for automotive and motorcycle wheel frame stickers with the goal of "100% UV and solvent-free" (Figures. 1 ,2). For the printing method, we use screen printing and the drying condition is rapid curing using UV irradiation. The defoaming and leveling of the product is an important consideration in the formulation design, and if the glue is not completely defoamed before UV irradiation, air bubbles will form on the film surface and affect the appearance (Figure 3). The GC320 series is formulated with raw materials that will not bite the gold and silver foil layers, while ensuring excellent adhesion to the foil layer, and maintaining a balance of Cross-cut test 5B with the adhesive underneath to create a mirror-like reflection effect on the silver foil layer (Figure. 4). Surface drying is another point to consider. The GC320 series can keep the surface of Cross-cut 5B dry under the energy irradiation of 600mJ/cm2. The GC320 series has been tested by hand coating machine and semi-automatic application machine and is currently optimizing and adjusting the defoaming performance to further improve the quality of the product. ——Author: Mrs. Man-Yun, Qiu


Activity § Everwide FUN Magic

"Everwide FUN Magic" is an experimental course designed by Everwide. Through the introduction of scientists' stories, combined with science experiments, students learn by doing. Cultivate students' problem-finding, problem-solving and thinking skills. Our first stop was Min-Sheng Elementary school in Linnei Township, Yunlin County (Figure 1 and 2). We told students the story of scientist Franklin's life and conducted several experiments related to him. The invention of the lightning rod was introduced with the famous kite experiment, the electrostatic friction of the Leyden bottle was conducted, and the design of the Franklin stove was simulated by the principle of a fire tornado (Figure. 3-5). We hope to bring students a real science experience through interesting learning courses and bring them closer to science.


Knowledge § When should reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion of a resin? (2)

All of the above-mentioned are the effects of thermal expansion and contraction that can be seen from the outside, and many unseen changes on the inside. For example, internal wires are broken, electronic components are broken, resin is extruded and broken, etc., and finally, the parts are damaged. The stresses of thermal expansion and contraction can be deduced from the stiffness and expansion coefficient of the material. It is easy to reduce the rigidity of the resin, and the rigidity of the soft resin is only 1/10-1/100 of the rigid resin. It is relatively difficult to reduce the expansion coefficient of resin, and it is remarkable to add a large amount of filler to reduce the expansion coefficient to 1/4 of the original one. In other words, the choice of a soft resin to reduce stiffness can significantly reduce stress, which is usually the most effective.


Living § Jiufen full of history

Jiufen, located in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, was the former gold mining center of Taiwan and is currently dominated by the tourism industry. During the holiday, my friends and I came to Jiufen, and we heard the noisy from the entrance of the old street, slowly going up the hillside, there were all kinds of shops next to the narrow streets of Jiufen Old Street, I passed many people along the way, heard the languages of different countries, and felt the excitement before the epidemic. Then we went to the famous A-Mei Tea House, where we enjoyed a cup of tea and chatted overlooking the beautiful scenery of the bay, as if forgetting the bustle of the world. Jiufen not only has beautiful scenery but also delicious food. We tasted Aunt AGan taro balls, which are a combination of solid taro balls and dense red and green beans, which is very memorable. In addition, the Alan grass cake made freshly every day is also a delicacy not to be missed. After roaming the old street, we unexpectedly walked to the pit " Taiyang No.5 Tunnel ", which was mined in 1935, to enjoy the scenery. At night, the lights are lit up, and the red lanterns along the way are so classic that many tourists come here. I have to say, I'm already looking forward to visiting again! —— Author: Mrs. Yi-Zhen, Li


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