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Everwide newsletter No.422

Updated: May 31

Experiment § Super soft,detachable,and waterproof encapsulants

Encapsulants can be used to protect electronic components with good electrical insulation. Compared with common chlorinated epoxy resins, volatile silica gels, and isocyanate-containing polyurethane encapsulants , the newly developed JE381 is not only environmental protection, safe and non-toxic but also proves that JE381 has better waterproof performance and lower water vapor penetration rate through water absorption experiments (Figure 1). JE381 has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of less than -60°C and a Shore A of 5, which is quite soft to the touch (Figure 2). Low stress at low temperatures, low heat release, and low shrinkage rate, prevent damage to electronic components. In addition, JE381 can be cured at room temperature, regardless of equipment, and can be repeatedly disassembled and reprimed (Figure 3). JE381 series two-component glue is the reaction of acid anhydride and alcohols, if the plasticizer is added, the viscosity can be reduced (about 500-1200 cps), and the operability and mixing uniformity can be improved. Different plasticizers can affect the transparency of the glue (Figure 4), and phase splitting can occur if the compatibility is too poor. Reducing the plasticizer content can increase the cure rate and hardness, allowing for customized formulations. If you have related needs, please contact us.                                                                                   - Author: Mrs.Qing-an, Lei


Activity § Satir Dialogue Workshop

The Satir Iceberg Theory is a tool to help people understand themselves, improve relationships, and promote inner growth. We can think of human interaction as an iceberg. At the top of the iceberg, what we see is the performance of human behavior and emotions. Under the iceberg, there are deeper inner experiences of thoughts, beliefs, values, and longings, and the volume under the iceberg is much larger than on top of the iceberg. Learning to open communication with a "curious" mindset, slowly penetrating the other person's iceberg, prioritizing caring for others and taking your time to solve problems builds deeper connections.


Knowledge § When should the coefficient of thermal expansion of a resin be reduced? (2)

When we can't choose a soft resin, only reduce the expansion coefficient to reduce the stress. This method is more challenging, because a large amount of inorganic powder is filled, and many processability problems will be generated, such as too high viscosity, too high specific gravity, cost, precipitation, etc. By the way, not all conditions can be solved by lowering the coefficient of thermal expansion. For example: Cracking is caused by compression between the resin and the parts, but if the toughness of the resin can be improved, cracking may not occur. Sometimes this is easier than reducing the coefficient of expansion.


Living § 2024 Year of the Lantern Festival

In recent years, more and more counties and cities have begun to hold their own lantern festival activities, and the highlight of the annual "lantern viewing" cannot be missed. From the first day of the Lunar New Year to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, lantern festivals and projection mapping with various themes are held lively. During the Chinese New Year, the whole family can travel together, visit relatives, and play from day to night, creating a joyful atmosphere. What few people know is that Beigang is the birthplace of the Lantern Festival. I have been coming to Yunlin from Tainan for two years, and I only had the opportunity to go to Beigang to watch the Lantern Festival this year. Beigang Lantern Festival is different from Tainan, they are scattered among the lanes and streets, starting from the main lantern of the circle and heading all the way towards Chaotian temple, the stores in front of the temple are bustling with activity, and there are also vendors selling Beigang snacks, such as grilled squid, sesame pastry, egg cake, etc.. It is fun to have something to look at with your eyes and something to eat with your mouth. I also want to promote Tainan, where I used to live. Everyone knows that it is an ancient cultural capital and a city full of art, and the Tainan Lantern Festival is also full of brilliance. In particular, the fireworks in Luermen, the perfect combination of fireworks and music, the beauty that catches your eye is breathtaking. Here I sincerely recommend everyone to visit the lantern festivals in various places during the Chinese New Year and deeply feel the charm of Taiwan's traditional culture.                                                                    ─Author: Mrs.Ying-Zhu, Huang


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