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Everwide newsletter No.423

Updated: Mar 26

Experiment § Solvent-free, low VOC UV curing coatings

To meet the spirit of ESG sustainability, many companies are promoting renewable energy, using environmentally friendly packaging, attaching importance to green consumption, controlling greenhouse gas emissions, and avoiding the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Everwide developed "solvent-free, low VOC UV coating, product model GC394 series.” In addition to effectively reducing VOC emissions, this product has good adhesion and excellent pencil hardness when coated on PMMA and PC, can resist scratches, abrasions, fingerprints, and solvents, and has a smooth surface with high contact angles, which is very suitable for use as a protective coating for kitchenware. Taking 5 mm PMMA and 3 mm PC as examples, GC394 was coated and baked at 80 °C for 1~2 minutes, followed by ultraviolet light (600~800 mJ/cm2) to form a 5 μm transparent protective coating on the board. The pencil hardness is 4H/750 g on PMMA and F/750 g on PC (Figure 2~4). If you are interested, please contact us. —— Author: Miss. Yu-Shi, Fan


Activity § Teacher Li Jiatong came to visit

Mr. Li Jiatong is a professor at Tsing Hua University, former president of Chi Nan University, and founder of the Boyo Foundation. We have made donation to support the Boyo Foundation, so Professor Li visited us in the factory to learn more about Everwide. During the chat, Professor Li not only shared his experience in rural education but also mentioned his observations and thoughts on Taiwan's industry. He believes that there are many key technological developments in Taiwan's industry, so he has written a column and a book "Taiwan fighting" to make more people care about and understand the industrial development situation in Taiwan. You are welcome to visit the official website of the Boyo Foundation to learn more about the mission and services of the organization, and I recommend you to read the related articles written by Professor Li, which will definitely be full of harvest!


Knowledge § What is the chlorine content of epoxy resin in the structure of glycidyl ether?

Most epoxy resins are composed of phenols or alcohols that react with epichlorohydrin to form glycidyl ether. This reaction will have side reactions, resulting in a hydrolyzable chlorine and non-hydrolyzable chlorine structure of the product, so the epoxy resin will have a chlorine content problem. The product of alcohols and epichlorohydrin, which can contain up to tens of thousands of ppm of chlorine, is purification by distillation and can reduce the chlorine content to thousands or even hundreds of ppm. The chlorine content of phenols and epichlorohydrin products is relatively low, roughly within 2000 ppm, and the low-chlorine specification can be below 800 ppm. There are glycidyl ether products on the market with a chlorine content as low as dozens of ppm, they do not react with phenols or alcohols and epichlorohydrin, but take different reaction pathways, and epoxidized double bonds, there have no by-products in the past, so the purity is extremely high, and the chlorine content is extremely low.


Living § My new employee diary in Everwide

When we arrived at the paintball venue in the morning, we saw that the Qingmei seniors and the staff were enthusiastically introducing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, enhancing our understanding of the concept of sustainability, and making this Paintball activity more educational. After changing into equipment, I couldn't wait to get out of the field and find the best attack position. The picture in front of me was "a lover off the field, an enemy on the field" and "a father and son off the field, beat you to purple on the field", as if everyone wanted to settle years of love and hatred in this battle. I was tall and found a big gasoline drum as cover to survive the hail of bullets. After the first defeat, we started planning to expand our ammunition depot for the next game. Technology could lose, but equipment couldn't lose, so they purchased an additional hundred bullets. As soon as the whistle sounded, the guns rang out one after another, and some of the Orange team's storm troopers lay on the ground and sniped at the blue team, while others charged directly into our territory and fought at close range, which was so brave! The whistle sounded again, and I took off my protective shield and looked at the paintball(black-green) on my body, which was a trace of bloody struggle. Thanks to the company for carefully planning such a great event, as the saying goes: out of blows friendship grows. This paintball event helped me get to know more colleagues and enjoy the fun atmosphere. I will definitely participate in a similar event next time.                                                        ——Author: Mr. Shi-Yao, Wei


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