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Everwide newsletter No.424

Experiment § Two-Component Liquid Silicone

Recently, we have successfully developed the Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR) FX301 series, which is a two-component platinum-cured elastomer. This product has many excellent features: good stability at high temperatures, good chemical resistance, good electrical insulation, excellent softness, and fluidity at low temperatures. The FX301 series is mainly used to manufacture high-precision rubber parts by injecting them into silicone molds (Fig 1-3). In addition, the FX301 complies with 2011/65/EU RoHS and FDA CFR 177.26 regulations. The product does not produce any by-products or odors during the curing process, so it is suitable for use in the food, medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. The following is the experimental data of FX301: the viscosity is S14/5rpm, the FX301-A is 90,000~130,000, the FX301-B is 30,000~110,000, the mixing ratio is 1:1, the hardness is 10~60A, the elongation is 500~1,000 (Fig. 4), the tensile strength is 8~12 N/mm2, and the tear strength is 25~28N/mm. Welcome to contact us if you have any needs. —— Author: Dr. Chemazam


Activity § Nature conservation

We booked the cinema to support the documentary " Caring for Black-Faced Spoonbill". The documentary follows the journey of the Black-faced Spoonbill from less than 200 individuals 30 years ago to more than 6,000 individuals worldwide today. The documentary not only discusses the issues of habitat maintenance and conservation but also conveys the importance and value of ecological balance to the audience (Fig 1,2). In addition to watching documentary to increase environmental awareness, we also take actions to improve the environment. In March, We held the beach cleanup, where everyone picked up their tools and cleaned up the garbage on the beach (Fig 3-5). A colleague who has participated in many beach cleanups said, "I feel very excited to see the beach gradually becomes cleaner. I believed that these small efforts can also contribute to the sustainable development of natural ecology. "


Knowledge § Uses of Silicone Platinum Catalyst Inhibitors (1)

If Silicone has vinyl and hydrogen functional groups, a platinum catalyst can be added to quickly perform an addition reaction at room temperature to cured. It is generally used as a two component liquid. Although there are many conveniences in use, such as low curing temperature, short curing time, and no by-products and shrinkage problems, the processing time is very tight and even cannot be processed smoothly. Therefore, a platinum catalyst inhibitor will be introduced into the formula to inhibit the platinum catalyst from catalyzing the reaction between vinyl and hydrogen radicals. As time goes by, the inhibitor will slowly evaporate and the inhibitory effect will gradually decrease. The platinum catalyst will slowly catalyze the curing reaction starting from the surface, and then relate and lose fluidity, and finally complete the curing toward the bottom.


Living § My Story with Everwide

When I was in elementary school, My aunt who works at Everwide had to work overtime and was worried about me being alone at home, so she took me to the factory to look after me, that was my first time I came to Everwide. At that time, everyone was busy filling the rubber hoses, and I also helping to attach labels, so I was the “Everwide's No. 1 child laborer”, and my aunt gave me pocket money as a reward. In 2021, I came to Everwide again as a part-time employee, I participated in the cleaning and maintenance of the medicine warehouse, organized the books in the library, assisted in laying floor primers and surface paints, etc., and spent a fulfilling and rewarding winter and summer vacation. I was deeply impressed by Everwide. After graduating from university, I decided to join Everwide because I recognized the company's values of "Research and development, Innovation, Dedication, and Value". Now I will participate in training activities to improve my professional skills and learn teamwork, and I also consult with my colleagues to learn from their experience and skills. From part-time employee to full-time employee. I have participated in the work of different departments. I feel that Everwide’s spirit of continuous change is deeply rooted in the company culture. I will also continue to work hard to become one of the person who promote the company's progress.


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