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Everwide newsletter No.425

Updated: May 31

Experiment § Bio-Phosphorus flame-retardant epoxy resin

With the increased discussion of carbon tariffs, biomass materials that can provide a low carbon footprint are increasingly being emphasized to create a green supply chain that is "low carbon " and "carbon neutral". In addition to "carbon neutral", for the safety and escape needs of users, there will be flame-retardant and fireproof requirements for interior or exterior materials, and even electronic materials. In the application of composite materials, bio-epoxy resin can be used with other flame-retardants, and even phosphorus-based modified epoxy resin from fossil fuel, but the biomass content of the original formula will be reduced. Everwide has recently developed an epoxy resin that modifies a bio-based epoxy resin with organophosphorus to obtain a solid epoxy resin that is both a biomass material and has a phosphorus-based flame-retardant effect (Figure. 1). The appearance of the resin is a yellow transparent solid, with a phosphorus content of about 3%, a biomass content of about 28%, and a softening point of about 60~70 °C. If cured with a dicyandiamide system and made into a carbon fiber specimen, the flame-retardant effect reaches 94V-0 grade, and the Tg reaches 120°C (Figure 2-4). This resin can be mixed with other biomass epoxy resins to fulfill the flame-retardant property and retain a certain amount of biomass content.

——Author: Mr. Chi-Xiang, Chen


Activity § Nature conservation

ESG has received increasing attention in recent years, with countries proposing net-zero carbon emission targets. Both large and small businesses need to adjust their operations and development direction according to the indicators. Everwide Chemical will conduct a risk assessment of the sustainability of its core business from the perspectives of environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. To better understand your needs, the opinions of interested parties are collected in full. We sincerely invite you to fill in the following information if you have time, which will serve as a reference for our company to formulate the ESG development policy and move towards a new era of sustainable sharing together. Please click on the link or scan the QR code to participate in the survey, thank you for your valuable feedback and suggestions.


Knowledge § Uses of Silicone Platinum Catalyst Inhibitors (2)

Processing time refers to the time from the mixing of the two components until gelation, and inhibitors can be very effective in extending this time. The processing time is not always better, too long means that the curing will be very slow, and even increasing the temperature will not guarantee that the time will meet the actual needs. In addition, if it is left for too long after processing at room temperature or low temperature, the platinum catalyst and inhibitor in the silica gel will gradually deviate from the uniform state, resulting in a local relative proportion. When the relative ratio of a local inhibitor to a platinum catalyst is small enough to a certain extent, a curing reaction occurs, and then expands outward from this position to solidify. The position of the local area is random, so it will be unstable to cure from the bottom, edge, middle, or surface. Although the final curing can still be completed, the application must consider the negative effects on the workpiece or other factors. Therefore, the proportion of inhibitors added is an important parameter.


Living § Japan Kansai trip

As the epidemic has been lifted in various countries, we were able to travel abroad! This time, we visited Kansai, Japan, a charming tourist destination, to experience the unique charm of Japanese culture. The first stop is Kyoto, an ancient and traditional place. We visited many ancient temples and shrines and felt the sacredness and tranquility of religion. Among them, Kinkakuji Temple and Kiyomizu Temple impressed me the most, and their architectural style and historical background made me feel the passage of time. Next, we head to Nara, one of the oldest cities in Japan. At Nara Park, we got up close and personal with hundreds of cute deer and had a feeding interaction. The world's largest wooden building, Todaiji Temple, is also must-see. The magnificent temples and huge Buddha statues made me feel the wisdom and powerful creativity of human beings. Finally, we came to Universal Studios Japan, which was full of fun. We explored the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, experienced a variety of thrill rides, a virtual go-kart adventure in the world of Mario, and a spectacular cartoon parade show. All in all, the trip was full of history, culture, and fun. It not only enriched our horizons but also left me with a lot of good memories. ——Author: Mrs. Wang-Rong-Li


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