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Everwide newsletter No.426

Experiment § Material Thermal Resistance and Thermal Conductivity Quantimeter

With the development of 5G, IoT, electric vehicles, and other industries in recent years, there is an urgent need for products with high thermal conductivity. At the beginning of this year, we purchased the LW-9389MD Interface Thermal Resistance and Thermal Conductivity Quantimeter. (Figure. 1,2). The instrument is designed and prepared according to ASTM D 5470-17, placing thermally conductive materials of different thicknesses between the heating source and the cooling unit. Then a specific pressure is applied so that the whole is in a state of heat transfer stabilization. By measuring the temperature gradient between the cold-end module and the hot-end module, the heat flux, the cold-side and hot-side temperatures of the heat-conducting material, and the thermal resistance of the material can be calculated. Finally, the regression curves of different thicknesses and thermal resistance were used to obtain the thermal conductivity of the material (Figure. 3). ASTM D 5470 is widely recognized and used by the thermal interface material industry because it is a steady-state heat flow method that is closer to the actual application of TIM (Thermal interface material) (Figure 4). We continue to test our products with more rigorous and precise measurements. Welcome to contact us if you have any needs. —— Author: Dr. Jia-Lng, Liao


Activity § Everwide Cup 2nd - Badminton Teams Exchange Tournament

Do you need to rely on coffee to clear your head? You can try exercise! Regular exercise can enhance the quality of your sleep and release stress from your body and mind. The Everwide Cup Badminton Tournament Mixed Doubles Division came to a successful conclusion on March 28th. The participants put in their best efforts, they fighting on the court and some even brought food to increase their stamina. Everyone had a great memory on that day, proving again that sports are enjoyable (Figure 1~5)! Many colleagues said, "This kind of activity can enhance the friendship, and we hope more similar badminton team events can be organized in the future!


Knowledge § The role of Silicone Platinum Catalyst Inhibitors (3)

For a formula containing inhibitors to be able to cure, it depends on the volatilization of the inhibitor. If it is completely sealed, the curing reaction cannot occur because the inhibitor cannot volatilize. However, in actual situations, the so-called complete sealing often still has a part of the air space, and the inhibitor will volatilize into gas and spread in the air space. At this time, the concentration of the liquid inhibitor inside the silicone is getting lower and lower, and it can usually still be completed successfully. Curing; if the space is too small, there will still be a large amount of liquid inhibitor when volatilization stops, and the curing reaction will be difficult to proceed.


Living § Taiwan Fair 10th Anniversary Exhibition

The documentary "Taiwan Fair", released in 2013, presents many of Taiwan's beauties and reveals how human self-interest has damaged the environment. Director Zeppelin's name is deeply rooted in people's hearts, and when we talk about him, we associate him with the aerial footage in " Taiwan Fair," which shows rivers, oceans, lakes, forests, rice paddies, fish farms, cities, and other kinds of Taiwan's natural landscapes in their truest form. It is a pity that the director crashed and pass away in June 2017 while scouting for the filming of the documentary " Taiwan Fair II". Thirteen years ago, when I was a middle school student, I was amazed by the director's dedication to the film " Taiwan Fair", and I also witnessed the introspection of the whole society because of it. Time flies quickly, and this time I participated in the "10th Anniversary Exhibition of Taiwan Fair", and my heart was full of nostalgia for the director. I brought my young son, who had never seen this documentary before, and we happily came to get to know our homeland, we also accompanied our children to listen to the exhibition and learn more about the land. The dimly lit environment with lights and projectors immersed us in it. The text next to each picture, briefly describing the location and history, instead prompted me to want to take my time viewing them one by one. These images show the beauty and humanity of Taiwan, while at the same time highlighting the pollution and destruction of the environment. The strong contrast brings dismay and heartache. For the sake of the earth and our next generation, we must to protect the environment.           ─Author: Evrwide Colleagues


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