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Everwide newsletter No.429

Experiment § Two-Component Silicone Rubber FX302-20

We have recently developed room-temperature curing condensed two-component silicone rubber FX302-20, which has excellent flow and low modulus. It is able to fill every detail of the mold when filling, ensuring high precision of the finished product, and is especially suitable for manufacturing molds with complex structures. This product has good tolerance to gypsum, waxes, and resins, especially polyester resins. Molded parts can be easily removed from molds made of FX302-20, and the molds are not easily damaged and can be reused (Figure 1-5). The experiment data of FX302-20 are as follows: hardness 25A, viscosity S14/5rpm 50,000cps, Pot time 60 mins, mixing ratio 20:1, elongation 256%, tensile strength 3.31 N/mm2, tear strength 6 N/mm, density 25oC 1.25 g/cm3. This product can replace the competitor's product of the same grade, welcome to contact us. ——Author: Dr. Chemazam


Activity § "Big Helps Small" Energy Management Project

The global trend of net-zero carbon emissions, we have obtained the ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Certificate. In order to enhance our carbon management capability and to prepare for the reduction of carbon emissions in the future, we participated in the “Low Carbon and Intelligent Upgrading and Transformation Subsidy for the Manufacturing Industry with Big Helps Small”. Delta Energy coach us on ISO 50001 and energy management systems to improve energy efficiency and enable smart management. Relevant personnel have come to the factory to survey the site and discuss future plans. We will install temperature monitoring devices in our cold storage and freezer facilities, ovens, and other equipment within the factory to provide real-time notifications of any abnormalities, allowing personnel to take countermeasures to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. Digital electricity meters will also be installed at each electricity box to monitor the data. All these measures will help to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions and realize the ultimate goal of green production.


Knowledge § What are inorganic adhesives?

Inorganic adhesives are usually composed of adhesives, curing agents, fillers, additives, and water. Inorganic components account for almost 100 %, and there are also a few examples containing organic additives. The biggest feature of inorganic adhesives is their excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. Different formulations can be adjusted to withstand temperatures ranging from -180℃ to 2500℃. The materials can bonding with ceramics, metals, glass, stone, wood, etc. Among them, the application of ceramics is very common, so it is often called ceramic adhesive. There are many types of inorganic adhesives, which can be divided into four categories according to the curing method: hydraulic type, air-dried type, hot melt type, and reactive type. The most classic example of hydraulic type is cement.


Living § Motorcycle  license

Motorcycles are probably the most convenient transportation in Taiwan. I tried to get the motorcycle license twice during college, but both times I failed the 7-second straight line test. I gave up on getting my license for a while because the bike was sufficient for my daily needs. However, my internship required me to commute from National Formosa University to Everwide in Douliu, making it urgent to obtain a driver's license. This time, with a clear goal and under pressure, I became more serious and played hard in practice, finally I mastered the skill of balancing and speed controlm so that successfully passed the test. The first time I went on the road alone was the first day of my internship, a journey of about 20 kilometers from my accommodation to the company. I was worried along the way and took the wrong route, but eventually arrived at the company safely. During these months, I've witnessed car accidents, people who don't follow the rules of the road, and patrol cars stopping offending vehicles. All of these experiences have taught me that I must always be cautious and careful when driving. What makes me happiest about learning to ride a motorcycle is that I used to regret not having the option to stop and take pictures of the beautiful cloud when I took mass transit or was driven by a companion. Now I can choose to stop and capture those precious moments while enjoying more convenience and freedom in my life.       ——Author: Mr. Ying-Xiang,Wang


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