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Everwide newsletter No.430

Experiment § Adhesive curing process

In the development of adhesive formulations, in addition to instrumental measurements, it is also necessary to observe the performance visually. As we develop f adhesive film products, how do we know what happens during the curing process when the film adhesive is applied to the workpiece? We cut the adhesive film into appropriate sizes, attached it to an aluminum sheet on one side covered it with a transparent microscope slide on the other side, and observed the changes by heating and pressurizing it (Figure 1,2). Through the experiments, we found that the design of different formulations affects the wetting effect of the adhesive on the substrate and the degree of glue overflow. From top to bottom, the adhesive flow improves progressively, and the degree of glue overflow becomes increasingly obvious (Figure. 3). While pursuing a good wetting effect on the substrate, it is also necessary to pay attention to the curing process to check for voids or bubbles inside the gel (Figure 4,5), as these factors will affect the adhesion performance. Through simple simulation experiments, we can more accurately develop products that meet the needs of  customers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.                                 ─Author: Mr. Rong-Xin, Lin


Activity § Formosa 3D & Dragon Boat Festival Gift Box

There are new Taiwanese documentaries every year. " Formosa 3D" is such a great new movie. The movie's director, Qu Quanli, has won the 3D Visual Technology Award along with director Ang Lee. After undergoing surgery, Director Qu suffered from being half-deaf and half-blind, but still insisted on leaving a timeless record in the land where he grew up. With only a 3D movie truck, he traveled to schools in remote areas (Figure 1), hoping to make children in remote areas fall in love with their hometowns through the infectious power of images. We expect to broadcast this work on July 20 in Yunlin County Shiliu Junior High School, so that all colleagues can see the wonderful Taiwan. In addition, for this year's Dragon Boat Festival gift box, we donated 2,000 Rice dumplings to the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, and 200 jars of soy sauce and sesame pine to the Hearty Farm Sheltered Workshop (Figure 2,3). Through these participations, We would like to thank Director Qu Quanli, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and Hearty Farm Sheltered Workshop for doing so much to make our community better.


Knowledge § What is water-hardness inorganic adhesive? (1)

Water-hardness inorganic adhesives react with water to produce a gel, and cement belongs to this type of inorganic adhesive. There are many types of cement, the most common type being silicate cement (Portland cement). Portland cement type I (ordinary) is generally used in buildings, and according to different applications, type II (improved) - medium sulfate resistance, type III (early-strength) - high early strength, type IV (low-heat) - low heat of hydration, and type V (sulfur-resistant) - high sulfate resistance have been developed. Because of its curing mechanism, Portland cement needs to be "cured " during the curing process. This involves drenching it with water or covering it with a damp cloth to prevent rapid water evaporation and to avoid shrinkage cracking caused by insufficient hydration and strength.


Living § Beautiful scenery in Hualien

Come to the beautiful city of Hualien in eastern Taiwan, a city famous for its natural beauty. Liyu Lake at dusk or sunrise, you can walk along the trail and the beauty of the area. Surrounded by natural gardens and forest trails, it's a beautiful spot you can't miss if you love the outdoors. Farglory Ocean Park is divided into eight zones, each showcasing a different aquatic ecosystem inhabited by a wide variety of marine life. If you want to create a unique experience by sleeping with these cute animals, you can book online in advance for an overnight stay in an underwater tunnel and the amazing feeling of sleeping with marine life! Another special attraction in Hualien is an authentic Japanese-style shrine temple called Chinghisu Temple, which is listed as a third-class historic site in Taiwan. With its gorgeous architecture and special gate design, the temple attracts very many people to come and take photos. The temple also provides Ema where visitors can write down their wishes and pray for their family and friends. The last photo is of a park famous for its cliff scenery. Walking along the trails in the park, you will feel the magnificence and magic of nature, and every step is a pleasure. Hualien is a beautiful place to relax and get close to nature. I look forward to you finding your own good time here as well.                 ─Author: Dr. Kai-Cha


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