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Everwide Newsletter-No.44

Experiment § Epoxy resin used in the adhesive of bicycles

Bicycles are made up of numerous spare parts. In the early days, soldering has connected these parts, and many applications now rely on epoxy adhesives for gluing. The advantages of using adhesive glue are as follows:

  1. The next place is less stress concentrated, and the force can be distributed to the entire bonding area.

  2. It can be processed on complex shapes.

  3. Different materials can be joined (e.g., aluminum joined carbon fiber).

  4. Potential corrosion can be prevented when dissimilar metals are joined.

  5. The construction is convenient. After processing, the product is treated with soil filling, and no joint traces can be seen.

The use of adhesive to glue the bicycle structure requires rigorous environmental acceleration tests, fatigue tests, vibration tests, etc., to ensure the highest reliability of the component combination. The next time you see cool and dazzling bicycles whizzing past you on the road, please don't forget that behind their gorgeous appearance, our Everwide adhesive is silently transmitting power and creating speed.

─Author: Mr. Dong-yi, Zhong, Assistant R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Character § No pain no gain

Miss Yu-zhi, Ai, quality management representative. Expertise: ISO document preparation and review, quality system improvement, inter-departmental communication and coordination, internal audit operation and personnel scheduling, and external audit correspondence; Department: Quality Assurance Department.

Miss Yu-zhi, Ai graduated from the Department of Finance and Insurance of Global Institute of Technology. During her studies, she served as the class representative and the president of the volleyball club. She has leadership qualities and is very devoted to her studies. She graduated with the first grade in the class and was admitted to the third-level accounting affairs technician, product insurance salesperson, and related majors. The license has allowed her to develop the concept of numbers and costs; her thinking and logic are also excellent.

[No pain, no gain] Yu-zhi, Ai has been working in Everwide Chemical for three and a half years. She is taciturn, always cheerful, gets along with everyone, and demands the best of herself in everything. Yu-zhi, Ai, who used to be a quality assurance engineer, is very interested in quality control. She is in charge of quality control classes and trains new people. She always takes new things seriously, and both the execution and management sides are firmly rooted bit by bit. At the beginning of last year, she took over as the quality management representative and brought the knowledge and skills she learned in Everwide Chemical into full play. The main work content is ISO document preparation and review, quality system improvement, inter-departmental communication and coordination, internal audit operation, personnel scheduling, external audit correspondence, and obtaining the dual certificates of quality technician (CQT) and quality engineer (CQE).

[Accumulation of knowledge and inheritance of experience] Everwide Chemical is Yu-zhi, Ai's first job. "I am not familiar with the manufacturing industry, and when I enter the company, I can't see straight suits, but neat staff uniforms; I can't see punch cards. Zhong, but the employees always do things spontaneously, with fixed commuting time, and a very humanized management method." After serving in Everwide Chemical for more than three years, Yu-zhi, Ai also grew up with Everwide Chemical and witnessed the transformation of Everwide Chemical history. After the expansion from the first factory to the second factory, the specifications of the R&D laboratory have been improved. And the instrument room has also changed from the previous two large tables to the current large-scale, central air-conditioning professional-level environment, with more and more products and higher production capacity. The advanced R&D team has created more professions. Yu-zhi, Ai said: "From the perspective of quality control, the continuous addition of product inspection specifications means that new cases are constantly being developed."

For the future, Yu-zhi, Ai hopes that she can do her best to contribute to the company's continuous progress and share the hard work of supervisors who are also involved in research and development. So that she is not only the manager of the quality system but also helps the entire company's structure in all aspects to continue to improve. She still maintains a tireless spirit of learning, constantly enriches herself to cope with the ever-changing society, and allows herself to accumulate more strength in the sluggish environment and work hard to help the company grow sustainably.

─Author: Ms. Heng-rong, Li, The Representative of Document Management, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § How to improve the surface dryness of UV glue?

The interference of oxygen causes the poor surface dryness of the resin. As long as the reaction rate of the surface can be accelerated, the diffusion rate of oxygen can be reduced, and the surface dryness of the UV glue can be improved.

1. Use a short-wavelength light source to concentrate the energy on the surface of the colloid; 2. Use a surface-drying photoinitiator (P2 type); 3. Use a high-intensity UV lamp for irradiation; 4. Use the composition of multifunctional groups; 5. Use high molecular weight composition; 6. Use additives such as wax to block oxygen; 7. Use nitrogen or carbon dioxide to block oxygen; 8. Use with other hardening mechanisms.


Living § 3K work

Once I saw a term in the newspaper: 3K work. It refers to "dangerous work," "dirty work," and "hard work." Just looking at these three definitions shows that the term 3K has multiple relativity. Work that was not considered dangerous in the past may now be considered relatively dangerous. Dirty work in a confined space may be acceptable in an open space. For someone A, it is hard work, but for someone B, it may be just everyday work. Putting aside relative concepts, taking our factory as an example, a possible 3K job: working next to a rotating mixer is a dangerous job. Three years ago, distilling waste solvents with a solvent recovery machine were considered dirty work. Repeated daily cleaning of the toilet that is never be cleaned is hard work. Of course, there must be many examples in our lives. 3K work will detract from our productivity and turn labor into struggle, and it's something we're looking to improve. Taking the cleaning of the toilet floor as an example, after the responsible colleague cleans it, it is easy to be soiled by the shoe prints of subsequent users. This cycle is staged many times a day, causing labor waste and making toilet cleaning painful, helpless, and unfulfilling hard work. If we lay plastic foot pads on the toilet floor tiles, it will prevent non-slip drainage be easy to maintain clean. It can significantly save the time and frequency of cleaning, making the original hard work much more accessible. This example shows that 3K work is not an inevitable fate, and 3K work can be improved through our ingenuity.

Note: The original meaning of 3K is taken from the Japanese pronunciation: dirty (kitanai), hard (kbitsui), dangerous (kikem).

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


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