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Everwide newsletter No.50

Interactive § Everwide Chemical Exhibition Information—The 35th Taipei International Electronics Fair

The "35th Taipei International Electronics Show" and "The 3rd Taiwan International RFID Application Exhibition" co-sponsored by the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association (TEEMA) will be held on October 8-11, 2009 at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall until the 11th. Everwide Chemical has received extensive response and encouragement following the release of green and environmental protection-related exhibits by Taipei International Electronics in 2008. This year's Taipei International Electronics Show, Everwide Chemical's R&D team once again launched this year's most compact technology products, such as IMD, in-mold decoration, mobile phone button molding, hydrolysis strippable light-curing materials, environmentally friendly carbon fiber impregnation molding materials, high thermal conductivity adhesive panel packaging waterproof materials, etc. You are welcome to come and advise! The 35th Taipei International Electronics Show 2009 will be held from October 8th (Thursday) to October 11th (Sunday), 2009. The exhibition venue is in the Nangang Exhibition Hall of the World Trade Center. The booth number of Everwide Chemical is J302.J304.J401.J403.


Experiment § Epoxy Composites

The composite material is composed of a base material and a reinforcing material, and the base material is a thermosetting resin such as epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin, etc. There are also thermoplastic resins such as polypropylene (PP), polyether ether ketone (PEEK), Nylon, PPS, and the like. The reinforcing material is dispersed in the substrate in the form of particles, flakes, short fibers, and continuous fibers. Commonly used fibers are carbon fibers, glass fibers, boron fibers, and Kevlar fibers. The epoxy resin prepreg provided by Everwide Chemical has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, high Tg, low loss, etc., and then the customer glues it to make the epoxy resin prepreg and then hot-pressed it. At present, the common composite materials on the market are mostly made of epoxy resin combined with carbon and glass fiber. Unidirectional fibers have the greatest strength in the fiber direction and are used for laminates with different combinations of directions, while woven fibers have different weaving methods, but their strength is approximately equal in both directions and can be applied to different structural materials. Usually, the inner layer is unidirectional fiber and the outermost layer is woven fiber, because the unit price of unidirectional fiber is cheaper, and the woven fiber has a beautiful texture.

─Author: Mrs. Yun-Xian, Liu Director of Labor Safety, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § Why do some UV glues require post-curing (heating), while others do not?

Acrylic-based radically polymerized photocurable resins have a very short lifespan of radicals, only about tens of ns (10 minutes 9 seconds). In other words, the acrylic photocurable resin will generate free radicals to polymerize when exposed to light. When the light is stopped, the free radicals will disappear immediately and no further reaction will be possible. Epoxy system of light-curing resin in the light will produce cation polymerization, stop the light when the cation will not disappear immediately, after stopping the light life can be as long as two or three days. If it is heated and cured at this stage, the properties of the cured material can be further improved and this characteristic is called live polymerization. In addition to improving the reaction rate, post-curing also has the function of relieving internal stress. Many hard adhesives must use post-curing to achieve the purpose of annealing in order to obtain the best performance.


Living § First Continental Tour

Other people's business trips are all kinds of delicacies, we can only eat beef noodles that can be seen everywhere in Taiwan (picture 1). This is a noodle shop opened by a Taiwanese, and the name of the shop is "Meet Again". When you are away from home and you are unfamiliar with the place of life, it is good to be able to taste the taste of your hometown! Will it feel familiar? These is the instant noodles I brought from Taiwan (picture 2). After a few days of heavy flavors from the mainland, when I eat the instant noodles from Taiwan, I feel that the taste is just right. The most important thing is that the traditional Chinese characters are printed on it, which makes it very safe to eat.

This is an institution, it is the brainchild of senior Ye Xu, and everyone must learn it (Figure 3). It's a folding chair, and when you go to bed at night, put it away and lean against the door. If someone breaks in through the door in the middle of the night, the folding chair will fall down, and with a bang, it will wake us up and scare away those who want to do bad things. Great idea, right?

Blurry view! In fact, this is on the highway, moving at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, and even the container truck next to it cannot be seen clearly (Figure 4). Therefore, business trips really use life to create a performance. Fortunately, we came back safely in the end. Thank you to the driver who took us to our destination quickly and took us home safely.

Expensive tolls. 63 RMB (picture 5)! Wow~ Fast 300 NTD! We just drove over an hour on the highway and crossed a bridge. And it takes less than 300 Taiwan dollars to drive from Taipei to Tainan. Even people who live there say that the government is stealing money.

Let me interpret this sentence "Sun Yat-sen's hometown welcomes you" (Figure 6). This kind of place name that can only be seen in history textbooks is quite attractive to me. But only passing by, I can only look forward to the next mainland trip!

Egg tarts (picture 7) are really delicious! Few foods to my liking. I think it should also be opened by Taiwanese, because the advertisement is placed in the "Meet Again" store. Six 15 yuan, quite cheap and really delicious. I bought it after I was full that day, and it was delicious and not greasy. This is the number one food on this trip to the mainland. Instant noodles second!

─Author: Assistant R&D Engineer Mrs. Yong-Chang, Zhang Everwide Chemical


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