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Everwide newsletter No.51

Interactive § Everwide Chemical - Video Introduction

How much do you know about Everwide Chemical?

Since its establishment, Everwide Chemical is about to enter its 10th year. In these short ten years, we have grown a lot. From the establishment of the first factory building to the expansion of the second factory building, Everwide Chemical has slowly transformed with the pace of the times. In order to let more people know and understand Everwide Chemical, we recently made a video introduction about Everwide Chemical. The short five-minute video includes the establishment process of Everwide Chemical, the introduction of various departments, environmental tours, and product introductions. I hope that Everwide Chemical can have zero-distance contact with you and let you know more about Everwide Chemical. ▲

You are welcome to click the above two websites to watch the video introduction of Everwide Chemical.


Experiment § Introduction of UV glue without starting agent

UV glue is mainly composed of photoinitiators, inhibitors, oligomers with acrylic functional groups, and monomers. The commonly used photoinitiators are small molecules with low molecular weight and high volatility, which are easily induced by disease by human breathing. In addition, commonly used photoinitiators such as cumene hydroperoxide or Benzophenone contain benzene rings, and the products may have yellowing problems after irradiation. In order to improve the above problems, oligomeric photoinitiators have been developed, which have the advantages of high molecular weight and low volatility, reducing possible health hazards. And the oligomer does not contain a benzene ring, so there is no problem with yellowing. However, there is still a need for more synthetic steps, and some initiators are still needed to achieve effective polymerization. The picture shows the structural formula of the oligomer photoinitiator. Under the irradiation of UV light, free radicals will be generated at the structure of the red part to initiate the polymerization reaction.

─Author: Dr. Zhao-An, Chen Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § The principle of single liquefaction of epoxy resin?

The epoxy resin must be mixed with a curing agent and catalyst before a curing reaction can occur. For example, epoxy resins can be reacted with amine curing agents for step-by-step polymerization. Epoxy resin and acid anhydride curing agents are gradually polymerized under the catalysis of a tertiary amine. Epoxy resins can undergo ether bond bridging reactions under the catalysis of tertiary amines. Epoxy resins can also undergo ether bond bridging reactions through cationic polymerization in the presence of Lewis bases. These epoxy resin reaction systems mentioned above have two types: two-component type and one-component type. Converting the reaction principle of the t two-component type into single liquefaction can be achieved by the following four methods:

1. The curing agent is made into a powder that is insoluble in the resin at room temperature and can be dissolved into the resin at high temperature.

2. Some curing agents have the characteristic of being in the B stage for a long time.

3. Some catalysts or starting agents have special temperature sensitivity, and dissociation will only occur above a certain temperature.

4. Use low-temperature storage to extend the operating time of the two-component type.


Living § A short trip to the mainland, a lot of experience!

At the intersection of time and space, what are you thinking about now? Time is an important element. When you are in a daze, eating, taking transportation, and visiting customers, it slips away secretly. The traces of time are not only felt in your heart but also written on your face and woven into your life. If you want to live a colorful or black-and-white life, you must first think about how you want to live. It is a subject that every Everwide person needs to learn to exchange for more efficiency and greater economic benefits in a limited time. Although we are not very professional financial investors, investing in ourselves is at least something we can choose and master. Grasping the current time and enriching our own strength is the kingly way. After talking face-to-face with customers on this business trip, I found that it is not easy to be a strong lobbyist, and how to persuade customers to accept orders is not easy. In addition to understanding the professional field of chemistry, the analysis and trend of the market is a big question. You succeed when you analyze the entire market to the customer and make the customer feel like it's a big loss if he doesn't cooperate with you or place an order for you.

─Author: Assistant R&D Engineer Mrs. Rong-Xin, Lin Everwide Chemical


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