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Everwide Newsletter-No.58

Experiment § Market changes of cable reinforcement

The application of cable reinforcement is nothing more than to provide the characteristics of tension, bending, and insulation on the wire. The application of Everwide in this market has been very mature, but recently Henkel has provided a processing process that uses injection mold instead of glue. It has four advantages: low price, UL certification, glue type fixation, and labor-saving, which customers widely notice. Therefore, it is necessary to improve and seek breakthroughs in industrial cultivation continuously. The life cycle of the electronics industry can be as fast as one year or as slow as five years, and the rotation is high-speed. As peripheral material suppliers, we must also be vigilant to keep up with the pace of customer replacement.

─Author: Mr. Hui-xu, Li, R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Product § Optical fiber industry packaging application materials

Most of the encapsulation materials in the optical fiber industry are used in connectors, and their requirements focus on transparency, refractive index, and shrinkage. The fiber optic connector uses the guide groove to fix the multiple fibers one by one and uses the adhesive to fix and bond them, combining three basic processes:

(1) The optical fiber is placed in the guide groove for alignment; (2) The glue is applied in the guide groove with a glue dispenser, and the cover is added; (3) It is fixed with a special fixture and heated to wait for the glue material to complete the reaction.

1. Bonding of glass fiber and optical fiber connector - high-temperature resistant wafer-level packaging, product features: low temperature curing, low volume shrinkage, low ion volatilization, high Tg, and passed the reliability test, cold and heat cycle, cold and heat shock, high temperature, and high temperature Wet and high heat cooking. Recommended products: JB267, JB271, JB273.

2. Bonding of glass fiber and optical fiber connector - low-temperature rapid curing, product features: room temperature or low-temperature curing, low ion volatilization, transparent product color, through reliability test, cold and heat cycle, cold and heat shock and high temperature, and high humidity and other environmental tests. Recommended products: JB246, JB247.

3. Bonding of glass fiber and optical fiber connector - pouring and then application, product features: low-temperature curing, low ion volatilization, transparent product color, passing reliability test, cold and heat cycle, cold and heat shock and high temperature and high humidity. Recommended product: JB249.

For related product information, please visit Everwide Chemical's official website:


Knowledge § What is the principle of GPC?

GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography). The instrument's principle is to introduce the solution of the unknown into the column filled with gel. These gels have many pores of different sizes, and the components with larger molecular weight in the matter cannot flow into the smaller pores, so they flow. The shorter the path, the faster it will flow out of the column and be recorded by the detector. The components with smaller molecular weight in the unknown can flow into the smaller pores, so the flow path is long, and it will take a longer time to flow out of the column recorded by the detector. Simply put, GPC uses the difference of molecular weight on the gel penetration ability to achieve the purpose of analysis.


Living § Taiwan education in my mind

A while ago, there was news that a high school student, who had a rift with his classmates, even used his identity as a classmate to help his classmates fill out the college entrance examination. Or is it jealousy and jealousy in our hearts? I think Taiwan's education is sick. Children grow up imitating adults' lifestyles. When we blame children for their deviant behavior, do we ever reflect on the world of adults? Many company cultures seem that step on other people's corpses and climb up. If you use methods to fight others away, you will have more opportunities for promotion. If the same is true in the adult world, it is not surprising that children will behave like this in this great environment.

I am glad that the company culture of Yongkuan Chemical is very positive. Our R&D team divides the labor and cooperates to overcome customers' needs one by one. We regularly share each other's research content every month, and everyone can communicate with each other and seek support. This working environment has given me a unique way of educating my children. I also hold a children's experimental class with several like-minded parents and children every month. Although it is also a class, I want to let the children experience it. Experiments will always have different results and not be called failures.

The last experiment topic: Make your popsicles; we may all know that if the ice cubes are sprinkled with salt, the temperature will drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius. At the same time, I prepared three sets of large styrofoam boxes: one set with ice cubes only; one set with ice cubes and a lot of brown sugar; one set with ice cubes and a lot of salt. I let the children put the juice in the chain and put the ice pack in that styrofoam box. After placing the styrofoam box tightly closed for an hour, each child picked up their juice ice pack. Although only the frozen juice in the salt styrofoam box, the other two were just cold juices, all children ate and drank it with relish. After all, the value of the experiment lies in the whole process. Drinking ice-cold juice cannot be called a failure of the experiment! That's just a different result. If we adults only reward the children who choose to freeze the juice, the children who drink the ice-cold juice will not feel that their juice is delicious. Isn't it the same with our grown-up world's attitude toward life? It's not about making a lot of money to succeed; it's a wonderful life to cherish everything and live your life seriously.


1. Why does adding salt to ice cubes lower the temperature? A: Because the salt makes the ice melting process endothermic reaction, causing the temperature to drop? B: Because salt lowers the freezing point?

2. What are those kids doing so focused? Please guess?

3. If you care about education in Taiwan, please accompany your child to find the answer!

─Author: Ms.Miao-ling, Lin, R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


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