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Everwide Newsletter-No.60

Experiment § Master glue

The definition of the female mold: the concave is the female mold; the convex is the male mold. The master mold glue is a master mold formed by UV curing, and the finished product is used as a mold. This product is used to replace the original high cost of making molds. The application industry of master mold glue: it can be used in brightness enhancement film, hairline, mobile phone keys, microstructure molding, etc. Requirements for master glue: 1. Low viscosity, 2. Transparency is not required, 3. Good adhesion to PET, 4. Good release properties.


Environment § Everwide's Treasure House (Part 1)—Everwide Chemical Library

"Look for the book with me!"

Every time a bottleneck is encountered, the old birds often lead the rookies to look for materials in the library. Everwide Chemical's library has a collection of 2,000 books, including more than 800 professional books. As for the relevant technical information, there are too many to enumerate. Sitting on the sofa to concentrate on reading and solving puzzles is best. In addition, the library of Everwide Chemical is also a place for the education and training of R&D colleagues. In addition to knowledge exchange, the weekly R&D education training allows everyone to obtain the latest and fastest scientific knowledge and discuss experiments and technical issues together. Next time you have a chance to visit Everwide Chemical, don't forget to visit this treasure trove of endless knowledge!


Knowledge § How to emulsify epoxy resin?

(1) Add an appropriate emulsifier to the epoxy resin and stir evenly (some emulsifiers need to be further heated to allow the emulsifier to react with the epoxy resin).

(2) While vigorously stirring with the emulsifier, gradually add water to the resin. Generally speaking, water is added ten times: the first 1 to 3 times belong to the stage when the water phase is dispersed in the oil phase, the last 7 to 10 times belong to the stage when the oil phase is dispersed in the water phase, and the two stages belong to the phase inversion area.

The faster the rotating speed of the emulsifier, the smaller the particle size of the emulsified epoxy resin, and the better the stability of the emulsification system.

When the viscosity of the resin is too high, a little co-solvent can be added to reduce the viscosity, or the temperature can be increased by heating to emulsify.


Living § The world under the microscope (Part 1)

I'm a busy working woman; and a mom who values ​​education. How can I strike a balance in such an active Taiwanese society? Xiao Qiao's mother is a middle school biology teacher; she is also a responsible teacher who understands her children. She stays at school every day before going home after seven o'clock.

We all have a common goal. We hope to educate children about life, make learning more prosperous and more interesting, and make curiosity permanent in children's hearts. Computer information has flourished in the past 20 years, and television and online games have become wildly popular. We want to keep children's enthusiasm for reading, their desire for knowledge, and more care for the natural world on earth. We have to work hard to bring the child back. In this month's lab class, I will introduce the microscopic world of the microcosm, which is very interesting!

Recently, there has been a project in work. The customer wants to develop a surface texture on the plastic sheet of PC and PET, and the customer requires not to be scratched. We made a light-hardening resin on the plastic mold, which looks three-dimensional. We borrowed a dissecting microscope (pictured left) from the customer, and it functions a bit like a magnifying glass. The textured surface is observed for scratches or any blemishes with this dissecting microscope.

Our company also has a microscope, which has a camera function, which can take pictures and print the observed images. Xiao Qiao's mother is a biology teacher. She also brought a small microscope with a value of more than 3,000 yuan (the picture on the right) because she majored in cytology when studying for a master's degree at school. So she brought a cell test piece she made before doing it. Observe. Let's shrink ourselves infinitely now and enter the microscopic world!

─Author: Ms. Miao-ling, Lin, R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Message § Everwide E-newsletter

Everwide Chemical Electronic News - Issue 60 was initially scheduled to be published on February 15 but coincided with the Lunar New Year, so it was postponed for a week. Thanks to the old rain and the new knowledge for the support and encouragement of Everwide Chemical Electronic Newspaper, I would like to express my gratitude to you! The production team of Everwide Chemical Newsletter wishes everyone good health, happiness every day, and a happy new year!


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