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Everwide Newsletter-No.67

Experiment § PET hard coating surface extension test

The UV glue is applied by lamination, and the extension length is recorded when cracks appear in the tensile test. Based on this comparison, the extensibility of UV glue can be preliminarily judged. The thickness of um and the degree of adhesion of 5B is considered. Take 5 test pieces. The current control is about 4~5um. The thickness increases and the extension length will decrease. The viscosity is also a thickness influencing factor. The width of the comparative test piece is mainly 10 mm, and the pulling speed is 20 mm/min. The length of the initial tensile test piece should be controlled as much as possible. PC chips is also compared in the same way. However, it is necessary to compare the cracking of the sheet to avoid misjudgment.

─Author: Mr. Can-xian, Hong, Assistant R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Process § Inventory/shipment and improvement

After the product packaging is completed, it will be sent to the warehouse for storage or shipping, followed by the warehousing and shipping process and the final improvement work.

(9) Warehousing/Shipping: Completely package products, enter the storage area, and wait for the order to ship. Shipping methods can be divided into export by air, sea, domestic general freight, and express. Whether in storage or out, their temperatures are room temperature, refrigerated and frozen, which can meet the needs of different products. We attach great importance to the preservation and delivery process, and we must deliver the best products to our customers.

(10) Improvement: The first thing the manufacturing department does at work every day is the morning meeting to communicate yesterday's production and today's schedule. In addition, various improvement measures such as on-site environment, safety, hygiene, manufacturing process, production equipment, etc., are continuously implemented so that our manufacturing process continues to improve.


Knowledge § Reaction mechanism of epoxy resin and tertiary amine

As shown in Figure 1, the unshared electron pair on the tertiary amine will attack the α carbon atom on the epoxy resin to become a positively charged tetravalent ammonium ion. And at the same time, the epoxy group will be ring-opened to form a negatively charged anion structure. Since the cation and anion are on the same molecule, this structure is called a zwitterion. The anion on this zwitterion will react with the alpha carbon atom on the other epoxy resin, causing the other epoxy resin to open the ring to form a new anion, and so on, causing the epoxy resin to cross-chain. The cross-linking points of the reaction are all composed of ether bonds, and their structures are shown in Figure 2.


Living § Classification of Doctors (Part 1)

When I was studying at the Graduate School of National Tsing Hua University, a younger student told me that there are five types of doctorates: "big doctor," "middle doctor," "small doctor," "doctors not as good as masters," and "doctors not as good as bachelors." When the juniors said this, they meant to ridicule some seniors who didn't work very hard, so we laughed and didn't think much about this issue. It has been 13 years since I obtained my doctorate qualification in 1997, and I feel a lot to examine this classification method now.

The newly graduated doctoral students start from the "small doctor." "big doctor" may refer to such influential authority figures as academicians of the Academia Sinica academicians, national lecturers, social leaders, etc. Naturally, anything in between falls within the scope of "middle doctor." Judging from this classification method, many "small doctors" live area history of struggles towards "middle doctor." I also position myself like this and hope to become a respected "middle doctor" in the future.

However, if a "small doctor" is professionally labeled as "a doctor who is not as good as a master's degree" or a "doctor who is not as good as a bachelor's," it would be surprising and even become an unbearable humiliation. After all, the name "Doctor" implies a particular identification relationship. You can understand it yourself from a bunch of titles, such as: "Mr. Li," "Ms. Li," "Uncle Li," "Manager Li," "Leader Li," "President Li," "Mr. Li," "Professor Li," "Dr. Li," etc. Some titles are obtained naturally, some are job-related, and some are scarce. In comparison, "Doctor" is an extraordinary title that can be printed on business cards immediately after graduation and used for a lifetime.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


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