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Everwide Newsletter-No.72

Experiment § Adhesive double-sided tape

Double-sided tape can be seen everywhere in the market, such as double-sided tape for writing, false eyelashes for girls to love beauty, painted nails, etc., but double-sided tape with strong bonding strength is rare. Everwide Chemical has developed an "adhesive double-sided adhesive in response to market demand." At present, the double-sided tape we have developed is covered by a release paper, which increases the operability and convenience of the double-sided tape. Peel off the release paper during use, and then stick to the material with a little pressure. After finishing the bonding between the substrate and the glue, heat the glue to react and harden so that the workpiece is firmly fixed. In the tensile test of the current product, the adhesion force of the aluminum sheet to the aluminum sheet can reach 200kgf/cm2, and its excellent adhesion is much higher than that of the traditional pressure-sensitive double-sided is almost equal to the epoxy resin adhesive.

The double-sided adhesive has the convenient characteristics of traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive, which eliminates the worries of glue operation time and colloid sag. It considers the demand for high adhesive force, and it is an excellent adhesive material.

─Author: Mr. Rong-xin, Lin, Assistant R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Activity § Everwide Chemical you didn't know (2)

3. Resource sharing: Everwide Chemical has accumulated considerable resources after years of construction. We have invested a lot of workforces and material resources to treat them with a shared concept: constructing a network platform, setting up a library, a drug room, providing education and training courses, analyzing for customers, environmental testing services, etc. Through resource sharing, the quality of internal personnel is improved and the relationship with external customers is deepened. 4. Undertaking the mission: The concept of Everwide Chemical was put forward at the end of 1997. At that time, the bosses who provided limited funds didn't care about making money, and the pioneers in research and development did not lack work. There is no foresight to be listed on the OTC and there is no need to talk about shareholders' equity and so on. The only mission we undertake is: Can we make a unique factory? We are working hard day and night for the sense of mission at this young age. Over the past few years, we have put in a lot of effort to build a unique factory. Of course, there are still many places where the ideal is not fulfilled, and we will continue to work hard.


Knowledge § Is weather resistance better for resins with higher Tg?

Tg is not necessarily related to many things, and the weather resistance of resin is an example. Silicon's Tg is very low, but it has better weather resistance than many high Tg resins. In the case of the other components being unchanged, the non-yellowing PU with better weather resistance has a lower Tg than the yellowing PU with poor weather resistance. From these two examples, we can prove that the resin's weather resistance is related to the structural characteristics and has nothing to do with the Tg in most cases. The resin structure contains benzene ring, double bond, and some halogen-containing nitrogen has poor weather resistance. It is prone to yellowing and discoloration under ultraviolet light exposure. The only possible relationship between Tg and weather resistance is that in the same formula plastic when the reaction rate is low, the Tg will be lower, the structure has many defects, and the unreacted ratio is higher, so the weather resistance is poor.


Living § The Betrayal of π

When we were very young, the teacher told us that π=3.1416, and we never doubted this. Unfortunately, the tragedy happened. The green semicircular arc in the picture has a circumference of πr (assuming the radius is r). Using r / 2 as the radius, two semicircular arcs of the red line can be drawn. What is the sum of the perimeters of the two semicircular arcs? Believe it or not, the same is πr. Then subdivide it into a radius of r/4, draw four blue semicircular arcs, and calculate again, the total circumference is the same as πr. Therefore, for n semicircular arcs with a radius of r/n, the sum of their perimeters is still πr.

Then, when n → ∞, a very, very small semicircular arc looks like the orange straight line. And the length of that straight line is 2r. Conclusion: n → ∞, πr = 2r, that is, π=2. well! What should I say!

─Author: Dr. Ye-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical

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