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Everwide Newsletter-No.74

Experiment § The mystery of glass beads

We sometimes put a small number of glass beads in the adhesive so that customers can better control the thickness when using them. This kind of bead is called Spacer. For example, we put glass beads with a diameter of 100um in the glue so that when the customer uses the adhesive, the thickness of the resin will be 100um no matter how thick it is, and the consistency will not be uneven.

Once the customer pulled the glue out and took a photo of the broken section of the test piece with an optical microscope. The photo showed a white round dot, but the diameter of the white dot is only about 20um, which is 100um as we put it. The beads are far apart.

Later, after deduction, we can find that the beads cause the white dots. That's right, but the range of the beads is the yellow dots we marked rather than the pure white dots. The white point is the range of the glass beads reflecting light under the light, just like the eyes reflecting under the light, not the entire eyeball looks white, but the angle of the part of the arc with the light will have light and shadow. This phenomenon is a phenomenon in photography. Or you can understand when you look in the mirror.

The OM photo cannot judge the radius of the bead because when the test piece ruptures, the crack will not necessarily pass through the middle of the bead, some cut from the head, so that the area of ​​the image of the bead is small, and some are close to the equatorial axis. Cut the past so that the shot is larger. If the angle of the cut is kept parallel, the shape is rounded, and if the tip of the amount is oblique, it will be elliptical. Just a few microscopic photos; it's pretty knowledgeable to think of it.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


Activity § 2010 Table tennis game

The employee billiard game has been held for three consecutive years, and it will be lively in July this year. There are 16 people in the men's group and 9 people in the women's group. This competition adopts a single round-robin competition system. After tens of fierce competitions, the rankings of each group have been released. The champion can get a prize of 3,000 yuan, the second-place prize of 2,000 yuan, and the third-place prize of 1,000 yuan. The top three in the women's group are Ya-yan, Chen, Miao-ling, Lin, and Ming-xiu, Lai; the top three in the men's group are Jian-zhong, Li, Yun-xian, Liu, and Wen-chao, Shi.

─Author: Mr. Wen-chao, Shi, Business Director, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § Why is silicon's heat resistance and weather resistance quite good?

Silicon's characteristics are between organic and inorganic materials, and its bond energy is much higher than that of ordinary carbon hydroxides.

Comparing the Si-O bond and the C-O bond, the bond energy of the former is 369 KJ/mol, and the bond energy of the latter is 340 KJ/mol. Since Silicon's bond energy is higher than other organic materials, it can withstand higher temperatures and ultraviolet rays without breaking the chain.

Another reason for Silicon's good weather resistance is that it only absorbs short-wavelength ultraviolet rays, and the proportion of this type of light in nature is deficient, so Silicon is relatively undamaged by light.


Living § Training assistant final exam

This year the company has trained three levels of R&D assistants. There are 3 people in the first step, 6 people in the second step, and 4 in the third step. Participants of the third tier will have their final exams on August 30. There are a total of 45 questions in the exam. The trainees took about 14 hours to write their answers. Each of them used about 10 A4 papers.

The first phase of the R&D assistant training lasted for 2 months. These trainees had to work 6 hours a day, 2 hours in class, and 2 hours of self-study. It was not an easy task, and the strawberry generation could not bear it.

But from another perspective, the company must provide trivial job opportunities, invite colleagues to bring experiments, serve as teachers, edit related textbooks, bear training costs, etc. Everyone is also gritting their teeth and exerting unimaginable efforts.

Therefore, each test is a kind of ideological verification: how much relevant knowledge can the students understand after intensive class and long-term self-study? Can it be satisfactory? For the company has invested a lot of tangible and intangible resources, has it established an appropriate training system?

The exam on August 30 gave everyone a positive answer for the third time. Compared with a blank sheet of paper two months ago, the students

The correct rate of answering questions is between 70% and 80%. Colleagues also affirm that the recruited assistants have a good work attitude and basic skills. The bosses are relieved that this training process seems to supply the company with suitable R&D human resources. In the next stage, we hope to extend the spirit of this training to other departments such as the manufacturing department. Want to challenge our exam questions? You are welcome to download through the link.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


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