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Everwide Newsletter-No.75

Experiment § Adding UV absorbers will affect transparency

In many outdoor formulas, we will add UV absorbers to improve weather resistance. Ultraviolet absorbers will absorb harmful ultraviolet light energy and turn it into harmless heat to release it to prevent polymer aging.

Adding a suitable UV absorber does not seem to affect the transparency and color of the resin on the surface, but this impression is only limited to the scope of the naked eye. A lot of common sense cannot escape the inspection of precision instruments.

At the top of the left picture, the red line is the ultraviolet-visible light spectrum of a particular epoxy resin formulation. It can be found from the spectrum that there is a high penetration rate above 350nm. The blue bottom line is the top formula with 0.1% UV absorber added. It can be seen from the spectrum that the penetration rate of the blue line is worse than that of the red line in all ranges. Therefore, the addition of ultraviolet absorbers will affect the transparency of the resin.

─ Laboratory staff: Ms. Ming-xiu, Lai Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


Activity § Live, move

Many people's perceptions of chemical companies are pungent air, and R&D wear heavy lab coats and are in a dimly lit laboratory. To get rid of most people's stereotypes, Everwide Chemical has created a spacious and comfortable laboratory for every R&D staff to use and planned a lot of plants in the park.

In addition to improving the working environment, we have also focused on improving everyone's living habits in recent years. With the computers' development and the internet, many people always stay at home as a nerd and live in the virtual world all day long. To allow everyone to exercise more and maintain good exercise habits, Everwide Chemical always organizes employee competitions every year, such as billiards and bowling competitions. Several passionate colleagues also plan to form a baseball and softball team to compete with each other on weekends and rest days to exercise their skills. And the supervisors who are keen on swimming lead several swimmers to complete the goal of crossing Sun Moon Lake together.

An ancient saying: "Running water does not rot, and household hinges do not worm." If you can maintain proper exercise, you can always keep your body healthy and full of vitality. Are you exercising today? Don't forget to maintain good exercise habits at all times to keep your body healthy forever. Next year, Everwide Chemical intends to form a team to continue its pioneering effort to cross Sun Moon Lake. Is your heartbeat?


Knowledge § Why does Silicon often contaminate components?

Any substance will have vapor pressure, and there will be volatile matter, but the degree is different; the liquid is larger than the solid. Silicon also has volatiles. Silicon is a liquid molecule before it is gelled, and there are low molecular weight cyclic molecules in the structure after hardening, which will constitute a source of volatiles.

Different from other materials, Silicon has very low surface tension. When it is contaminated on the surface of other materials after volatilization, it will cause severe troubles in subsequent painting and follow-up. The volatiles has concerns about optical components' transparency and the poor conductivity of electronic products. Therefore, the contamination of ingredients by Silicon is an issue that needs attention.


Living § Mango trees in the factory

The mango tree of Everwide Chemical has been in the factory for eight years, and it has only started to fruit in the last two years. The Japanese come to Taiwan and especially love Taiwanese mangoes. For them, mango is a noble gift "as a gift" in Japan; they are reluctant to eat it because of the high price.

The summer vacation is the peak of mango production. Japanese people come to Taiwan to have a gourmet feast, and they can eat mango every day. They smuggled ten of mango in their suitcase and returned to Japan. They went home and shared the Taiwan fruits with their family. They told the colleagues that it must keep the secret. They never mentioned mangoes in the office because it is not enough to share. In addition to being rigorous on business trips, they are particularly interested in Taiwan's snacks, fruits, and customs. It's a pity that they don't have time to travel every time.

─Author: Mr. Hui-xu, Li, R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


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