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Everwide Newsletter-No.8

Interactive & Web album

New features on Everwide Chemical's homepage!

Everwide Chemical has added a new web album link, you can browse related photos of Everwide Chemical (above).


Theory & Lesson2 Compatibility from the solubility parameter

Each polymer material to solvent or other polymer materials

Materials scientists calculate solubility parameters from theory plus experiments based on molecular structure. The closer the solubility parameter, the better the compatibility. It is a reference indicator as a preliminary screening for material selection.

─Author: Mr. Hui-xu, Li, R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge & How to assess the situation of thermal cracking?

There are many methods for evaluating Thermal-degradation, and the appropriate choice should be made from the practical application. For example, the adhesive can be evaluated from the change of the adhesive force before and after heating. For example, structural materials can be evaluated from the change in mechanical strength (tensile, flexural, impact, etc. strength) before and after heating. For example, paint can be evaluated from the color change before and after heating. In addition to the actual product evaluation, sometimes TGA is used to measure the thermogravimetric loss. Sometimes FTIR is used to observe the change of functional groups to reflect the state of thermal cracking. As for the long-term or low-temperature thermal cracking effect, the experimental data obtained at different heating rates of TGA can be used, and the calculation software of cracking kinetics can be used to predict the results.


Product & 9356

9356 light-hardening resin, such as ABS, HIPS, PS, PC, PVC, acrylic, etc., plastic materials are specially developed for the fixation and attachment of metals. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the resin reacts rapidly and can be integrated with the substrate, resulting in excellent bonding strength. In many applications, the adhesive strength of 9356 after hardening is even higher than the original material, and it is a very reliable photocurable resin. The characteristics of 9356 are (1) it has the properties of toughness, shock absorption, and thermal shock resistance, and it will not be degummed after long-term use. (2) It can react with the substrate to form a bond and exert a high-strength adhesive force. (3) It can be applied to various plastic materials and widely solves the difficulty of bonding plastic to metal.


Living & May you be prosperous! Wishing you prosperity and wealth!

During the Chinese New Year, the homepage of the Yahoo website drew a cute pattern of a mouse holding a hand of "make a fortune," which suddenly reminded me of the admonition my third uncle gave me ten years ago: "The benevolent will make a fortune, and the unkind will make a fortune with one's body. ". This sentence comes from the university, and its original meaning is: people with benevolence and virtue use wealth to develop their careers and do things that benefit the crowd. On the contrary, it is not the behavior of a gentleman to do everything possible to make money, ignore reputation and credit, and indulge in personal enjoyment.

Thinking about it carefully, we have many suspicions of "getting rich with oneself" in our work. For example, the working environment is not clean enough and needs to be improved; the requirements for safety and hygiene are not strict enough and need to be strengthened; the promises to customers are not fulfilled, which affects the rights and interests of customers, and so on, some items need to be reviewed.

Thankfully, we also have some "getting rich" achievements. For example, the number of employees exceeded 60, creating employment opportunities; the turnover reached 240 million, contributing to the social economy; the staff dormitory purchased organic vegetables to support the ecological concept; action.

In the new year, we hope that the phenomenon of "getting rich with one's own body" will gradually improve, so that our colleagues can be happy at work, and our company level will continue to improve.

In the new year, we hope that the deeds of "making a living with wealth" can be carried forward, let our colleagues feel honored for their work, and let our company become a model in the industry.

Finally, this article only wishes our colleagues, customers, and society not to seek "big fortune" in the new year, but to "make a fortune"!

─ Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


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