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Everwide newsletter No.92

Experiment § Some variables that affect the two-component adhesive

Many epoxy resin adhesives provide a variety of curing conditions for customers to choose from. However, the performance of the adhesive strength of the same adhesive under different curing conditions is not the same. We take two-component epoxy resin as an example for related comparison. JA577 adhesive, its ratio of agent A to agent B is A / B = 2 / 1, gelation time at 25°C is 30 min, mixed viscosity is 25,000 cps, thixotropy index is 2.0, and anti-sagging. After mixing the A and B agents, bonding with the aluminum test piece and then three different curing conditions were used. A: 25°C / 7 days. B: 25°C / 7 days + 80°C / 1 hour. C: 80°C / 1 hour. The bonding strength under these three curing conditions is as follows: A: 235. B: 295. C: 324 (unit: kg/cm2). The bonding strength of agent B is better than agent A, because the former is cured after high temperature, so the reaction rate is higher than the latter. Both agent C and agent B are cured after high temperatures, and the reaction rate is almost the same. The adhesive strength of agent C is better than that of agent B, which is related to the permeability of resin. The former is baked directly at 80℃, the viscosity of the resin will be low after preheating, and it has good permeability to the surface of the substrate. The latter is cured at 25℃, during which the viscosity of the resin is higher and the permeability is poor, so the adhesive strength of the two is different. Understanding these principles is of great help to some choices in the production process. However, in most cases, the adhesive strength is sufficient, and the maximum value is not necessarily pursued.

─Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Li and Ms. Su-Huan, Li Everwide Chemical


Activity § Health check that must be adhered to every year

According to the "Labor Health Protection Regulations", for employees under the age of 40, employers must provide them with a health check every five years. As Everwide Chemical is a chemical factory, in order to take care of the health of every employee, we will carry out a health check for the whole company every year. This year was no exception, with Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital visiting the factory to help the health checks for every employee. In addition to general routine examinations, the company also helps employees to pay for abdominal ultrasound scans, including liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, spleen, and other internal organs. In the ultrasound examination, potential symptoms such as gallbladder polyps, fatty liver, and kidney stones are often found. Although these diseases will not cause big problems, they also remind colleagues that their daily habits need to be careful. Taking care of employees is the mission of Everwide Chemical. We keep the environment clean, improve ventilation equipment, and avoid odor and dust from affecting employees' health. In addition to arranging professional doctors to provide consulting services for the annual health check, there are also health check reports for each colleague to clearly understand their health status. We would also like to appeal to you, regular health check-up is very important, and do not neglect them.


Knowledge § Why can't the Tg in the technical data of different manufacturers be compared with each other?

There are many instruments for measuring Tg, such as DSC, TMA, DMA, DEA, MDSC, etc., and their principles and definitions are different. Even for the same type of instrument, there will be great differences in different test conditions, different test strip conditions, and even different instrument brands. Taking DSC and DMA as examples, it is very common that the difference in Tg measured by the two exceeds 50°C. The technical data of many manufacturers only contain the pure Tg value without explaining the above-mentioned details, so there is no benchmark for comparison at all. In order to understand how much is Tg? Which label has a higher Tg value? The best way is to combine products of different manufacturers with a certain instrument and test them at the same time so that the comparison can have the highest level of confidence.


Living § The origin of the name Everwide

Many people ask me, why is the company named "Everwide"? In fact, I don’t know the real story, I can only describe what I got from my mother. My mother, the eldest uncle, the second uncle, and the third uncle have worked for most of their lives in Dage chemistry founded by my uncles. The name "Dage" was given by the third uncle. They also put up a set of calligraphy in the company with the content of "Approximately fit", perhaps the content of this calligraphy can be used as a commentary on the meaning of big style. The English name of the company is "EPOLAB", which is like the abbreviation of Epoxy (epoxy resin) and Laboratory (laboratory), which is in full compliance with our business project, epoxy resin formulation factory. When it comes to these, the third uncle's literary talent has to be convincing. If my mother and uncles say they are the first generation of Dage Chemistry, our cousins ​​can be regarded as the second generation. There are seven graduates from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. At the end of 1997, due to some destiny, our three brothers had the opportunity to start a new business. At that time, I served in the military, so the preparation process was all handled by my mother. I could only serve as the audience during the holidays. My mother said that the name "Yongkuan" was also taken by third uncle. I never asked what the original meaning was. I always thought that means our younger generations would "Be broad-minded" The more interesting thing is the English name of the company. The third uncle proposed "AQUA". Aqua is the word for "water" in English, and it has an environmentally friendly and clean feeling. In addition, the English pronunciation of Aqua is / a 'kwa /, and it is pronounced in Taiwanese "ah-wide ", just means wide, so both English and Chinese names are quite compatible. The uncle proposed to use EVERWIDE, which means that the Chinese name is directly translated into English, so it is easier to understand. Finally, considering popular factors, the English name uses Everwide.

The company's logo was designed by Mr. Wang Weizhi, my batchmate when I was in service. In my impression, he graduated from Taipei Fuxing Artist and served in Kinmen with me in 1999. I talked to him about the preparation of the company, and he volunteered to help me think of a logo. Before long, he was moved to a more remote island, so we couldn't meet each other. I also forgot about this matter. One day he returned to the troops in Kinmen, holding a piece of curled drawing paper in his hand, he draw the logo in the paper. I always wanted to thank him, but I never met him after leaving the army. Twelve or thirteen years have passed in a hurry. Thinking back to the help and expectations of the elders and friends, my heart is still full of gratitude.

─Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Li , Everwide Chemical


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