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Everwide newsletter No.97

Experiment § PET packaging box

In a society where 3C products are the mainstream, product packaging is also a science. How to highlight the high quality of 3C products is a problem that many manufacturers are pondering. In addition to the common carton boxes on the market, PET materials are often made into packaging boxes for many 3C products because of their toughness, good transparency, and environmentally friendly recyclability. Adhesives used in PET packaging boxes must consider several issues: (1) the type of PET sheet, (2) the strength of the curing light source, (3) the time and temperature of the adhesive staying on the sheet, ( 4) The thickness of the adhesive, etc. The adhesive for PET packaging boxes developed by Everwide Chemical does not corrode the substrate, has good transparency, and has excellent adhesive strength after curing. It has become the first choice for PET packaging boxes in the market.

─Author: Ms. Chun-Xiang, LI, Assistant R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Activity § New packaging of two-component hose

In order to be more internationalized and professional, and to increase the value of the product, we also hope to effectively promote the Everwide brand, so we design a new hose packaging method. For the label, in order to have a brighter visual sense, we adopted green apple color as the background to bring out the youthful and enthusiastic atmosphere. The layout of the English interface makes our products international. The size of the label meets the requirements of the fully automatic labeling machine, which can enable the product to achieve more automated production and efficiency in the shipping process. In the outer part of the carton, our markings are also clearer and clearer. After countless discussions, typesetting, and consideration of production line automation applications, the innovative packaging was finally born in Everwide. It is expected that the new packaging will be officially launched in September 2011. During this transitional period, we will let our distribution partners understand that Everwide is about to introduce new packaging to control the dealer’s inventory of old packaging products. The Everwide production line will also establish new sticker and packaging procedures so that this project will be able to smooth operation.

─Author: Mrs. Shi-Jie, Jian Sales Staff Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § Why does the viscosity of some one-component resins become higher after long-term storage, while others become lower?

one-component products are pre-mixed with resin and curing agent and use different reaction mechanisms to achieve storage stability and the characteristics of reaction under specific conditions. If the curing agent in the resin slowly reacts with the resin, the viscosity of the resin will slowly increase, which is the most common situation. Some one-component epoxy resins are added with anti-sagging agents to increase viscosity, and the particles of these additives have hydrogen bonds on the surface and this tiny force can agglomerate the particles, causing the overall viscosity to rise. However, the powdery amine curing agent contained in some one-component epoxy resins can form hydrogen bonds with the particle surface of the anti-sagging agent and replace the hydrogen bonds between the anti-sagging agent particles, causing the anti-sagging characteristics to decline and the viscosity will decrease. In addition, it should be noted that some single-liquid formulas may crystallize, and some formulas containing fillers may precipitate. These phenomena can also cause viscosity changes. In summary, whether the viscosity of a single-component resin is stable or not has a lot to do with the formulation, and it is indeed a question worth considering.


Living § Our geomancy

Many visitors to Everwide are sure that our company has checked geomancy. The inference is based on the company's gate and the axis of the main building is skewed at an angle (for the photo, please refer to the Everwide Chemical Newsletter-Issue 96). There was also a wizard who held a compass at the door of the factory for a long time, hoping to solicit business. At that time, the uncle said to the wizard, "It doesn't work! They are Christian." The wizard had to leave angrily. Every time I think of my uncle’s wit, I feel funny. The fact is that our family is not Christian, and the factory gate has not been checked for geomancy. When the factory was built in 1999, the construction base only accounted for 1/3 of the factory area. As the remaining open space is vast, the construction unit randomly created a construction entrance on the side of the open space. When the plant is built, the construction path looks like an established road. If you want to straighten this path, you must relocate the street trees at the door. In order to avoid moving the trees, we built the "Everwide Avenue" that had to be turned slightly as soon as we entered the gate. In recent years, I have often taken a walk in the industrial zone and also learned to check geomancy. There are several Nissho companies in the industrial zone. Their walls are very transparent, with green grass and trees spreading through the trees, and the construction equipment is in order and they show their excellent management capabilities exactly like the advanced factories published in the magazine. On the other hand, some factories have large walls and no ventilation. The interior is messy and messy as seen from the gaps and the materials are placed randomly and messy, and sometimes the air is filled with strange smells. Every time I pass by these factories, I deeply realize the need to improve geomancy. Every Saturday I clean up the environment with many colleagues. Some people say that I love gardening, and some say that I work for fitness. In fact, what I want in my heart is to maintain geomancy. Ten years ago, my third uncle once said to me: " Geomancy is on the wall." What he meant was that the poor did not have the energy to do these unimportant things, and the ancestral tablet on the wall was geomancy which is one of my favorite theories. Rather than studying abstract geomancy theory, it is better to work harder ourselves, clean up the environment a little better, and create some practical good geomancy.

─Author: Dr. Ming-Xu Li, Everwide Chemical

Thriving 是奮發向上的意思,是永寬的電子報 內文編輯: 李姮蓉 版面設計: 曾文政 電子郵件


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