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Everwide No.366

Experiment § Test and application of adhesion promoter

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are widely used in tapes, double-sided adhesives, foam adhesives, and other applications. It feels very convenient for us to use pressure-sensitive adhesive, but it does not work well for some materials. When there is a problem with durability, an adhesion promoter is needed to improve its bonding strength. First coat the adhesion promoter on the surface of the material (Figure 1). After drying, apply pressure-sensitive adhesive to the surface of the object to be bonded (Figure 2). We treated the PP, nylon, and aluminum sheets with adhesion promoter JE115-2 respectively, and used transparent OPP tape to laminate them, and then let them stand for three days and then perform the tensile test (Figure 3-5). The strength of PP without coating adhesive and using JE115-2 is 0.23 and 0.68 (Kgf/cm), respectively. The strength of nylon is 0.56 and 0.70, respectively. The strength of the aluminum sheet is 0.38 and 0.70, respectively. Figure 6 is the result of using a commercially available anti-slip tape to stick the aluminum sheet and pull it apart. JE115-2 surpasses the same grade products on the market, it can transfer the adhesive on the aluminum sheet, showing an amazing effect. JE115-2 is suitable for car modification, car interior plastic, and baking varnish surface, etc. to improve the performance of double-sided tape, you are welcome to contact us.

─Author: Mr. Wei-Ren, Su


Activity § E-commerce and product videos

In recent years, the model of companies selling products or services to individual consumers through the internet has become increasingly prosperous. Many of Everwide's customers used to go directly to the factory to purchase industrial manufacturing applications. We want to promote our products to different customer groups, so we try to sell products on online platforms. Recently we invited professional photographers to record our product introduction videos. After several discussions before the shooting (Figure 1, 2), the colleagues and photographers had a tacit understanding on the day of the shooting, and everyone worked together to successfully complete the task (Figure 3-5). Please click on the link to see much more information there.:


Knowledge § What are the advantages and disadvantages of red phosphorus flame retardants?

The highest phosphorus content in flame retardants is red phosphorus. The commercially available phosphorus content is about 80%, and the remaining 20% is the coating layer of organic resin. Uncoated red phosphorus will produce highly toxic PH3 gas when exposed to air for a long time, and it will also be hydrolyzed into phosphoric acid, but well-coated products will not have this problem. After the resin containing red phosphorus flame retardant and the hardener are cured after mixing, which avoids long-term application above 100 degrees. The long-term high temperature will cause the aluminum hydroxide used in combination to release a small amount of water. It will react with red phosphorus to form phosphoric acid, resulting in a decrease in the insulating ability of the resin. Another concern about red phosphorus is the storage of raw materials, beware of the possibility of flash-burning and dust explosion. This concern has more to do with the manufacturers and formulation plants of the raw materials and it has nothing to do with the users of the resin materials.


Living § Seems ordinary but extraordinary

Taro can be used as a refreshing dessert, or it can be turned into a delicacy on the table, both sweet and salty. Most of the well-known taro producing areas are associated with Jiaxian, Kaohsiung, or Dajia, Taichung, but my hometown Yunlin also grows taro. Following the parent-child activities organized by the company, Wu tu Community in Linnei Township is located at the source of Zhuoshui River. Because the muddy water entrains a large amount of black soil and covers it, it is called "Wu tu zai." The fertile soil can grow high-quality Xiluo’s rice and Linnei’s taro and derive a variety of creative experiences. Linnei’s taro is a kind of betel nut heart. It has obvious fiber, a full aroma, and a dense taste. It was named " Linnei taro" in 2014. Do you want to see its true colors and taste delicious desserts? I have counted the taro dishes I have encountered in my life, and there are too many to mention. As a half-day taro farmer, I feel that there is a mystery in the ordinary. From the understanding of planting and farming to the process of harvesting, each taro contains the grower's earnestness and perseverance in caring for the crops. I realize that even if I work day after day, I can choose to experience joy and happiness with my heart. This time I learned a lot, and the meaning of taro has become unique. Please click the link to see related information: 445848915876684/.

─Author: Ms. Wen-Lin, Zhao


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