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Lightweight Materials-Epoxy Resin

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Epoxy Resin

Lightweight Materials - Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber Process Materials

Lightweight is the future trend. In the field of carbon fiber composite materials, Everwide has developed several lightweight materials for customers to choose including foam sheet and lightweight soil.

Principle Applicable :

Adding special foam particles evenly in the resin and use fine process to produce every kind of foam sheet.

Adhesive application:

The foaming support materials of carbon fiber composites and sport equipments during production process.

Foam sheet has the following advantages:

1.Easy to control the weight and area.

2.The workers are easy to operation;

3.The sheet shape exhibit fast heat and expanding evenly.

4.There will not have secondary foaming after hardening problems;

5.Impact resistance and toughness.

Advantages of light soil:

When the carbon fiber airbag is formed, it will have blind spot which was the airbag unfillable.On the other hand, it can prevent the airbag punctured, the molding appearance can be beautiful and achieve the lose weight effect.


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