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PP Anti-Sagging Adhesive Cured at Room Temperature

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

3.Everwide New Product anouncement - Room Temperature PP bonding Nun-Sag Acrylic Adhesive
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Author: Miss Fan Shi-Yu

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) can be used in the automotive industry (vehicle bumpers, dashboards, steering wheels, etc.), consumer products, building materials, adhesives, coatings and other industrial products because of their inexpensiveness and excellent performance. However, due to the low surface energy of TPO, general adhesive cannot directly adhere to TPO substrates. Hence, we have recently successfully developed an anti-sagging adhesives (brand name: KA003) that can be cured at room temperature without the need for surface treatment or primer to successfully and easily attach TPO substrates. The anti-sagging characteristics of KA003 can be easily constructed on vertical, horizontal or inclined surfaces (Fig. 1). Fig. 2 shows the shear strength test of KA003 applied to two PP substrates. The result shows that the PP substrate has become whitened and elongated (PP stretching), but the adhesive area is not damaged at all, which proved that the adhesive strength of KA003 is much greater than the tensile strength of PP itself. KA003 can also be applied to common plastic substrates such as PMMA, PVC, PC, PET, ABS, and PS. The results show that the substrate has been destroyed, but the adhesive area has still originally maintained (Fig. 3). Fig. 4 shows the shear strength of various substrates (unit: Kgf/cm2), PMMA (85), PVC (82), PC (73), PET (68), ABS (62), PS (48), and PP (43). Recently, we are experimenting and developing new products that can be used for Hetero Material Adhesive jointing common plastic substrates and metal substrates, so please continue to support and advise us.

The product packaging is as follows:

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