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"Thank you, Universal Chunghwa Cinemas and Everwide

for joining hands to give back to society and support the documentary film “On The Train”.

In recent years, Everwide has been hosting movie screenings, promoting conservation and Taiwanese cultural documentaries.

Whether it's the director, the protagonists in the films, or the important behind-the-scenes contributors, each documentary not only presents an engaging narrative but also expresses deep affection for the land of Taiwan.

However, the production teams may need to take on various projects to fund their documentary productions.

Watching these documentaries not only allows viewers to feel and experience, but also ensures the preservation of the beautiful people and things of Taiwan to continue.

At the end of this month, we will be taking our colleagues to watch “Lost Butterfly.” During the summer vacation in August.

We have planned to watch “On The Train” and invite adults and children alike.

The railway not only shares glimmers of light with friends on the South Link Line, illuminating the lonely railway, but also our support is crucial.

Let the production team create a documentary that preserves the memories of the railway for Taiwan.

We invite you to support Taiwanese films by watching them in theaters, as the most heartfelt stories are found in movies.

# Universal Chunghwa Cinemas

A brand-new visual feast, actively introducing films of different genres and perspectives.

# Everwide Chemical

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