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Two-Component Polysulfide Rubber Sealant

8.Two-component polysulfide rubber sealant
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Author: Keng-Chang, Shih

Currently, we are developing products in liquid polysulfide rubber. Polysulfide rubber sealant uses liquid polysulfide rubber as the major raw material which is combined with tackifier resins, vulcanizing agents, accelerating agents, and reinforcing agents. The polysulfide rubber has a special disulfide bond, so this product has lots of great characteristics. Such as, room temperature curing, volume change during cure is small; oil resistance, odour resistant, weather resistance, salt tolerance, acid resistance, solvent resistance, excellent electrical behaviour, excellent pressure and water tightness. It also has good adhesion to different types of metals and non-metallic materials.

If we compare the rubber adhesive with epoxy resin and moisture curing silicones. The rubber adhesive has an excellent result in bonding (Figure 1). Due to polysulfide rubber contains the chains of sulfur atoms, it has an excellent adhesion effects for some types of metals. It can also be used to low stress applications (Figure 2,3). Polysulfide rubber sealant is commonly used in civil constructions, automotive fuel tanks, or aerospace industries. Especially intended for sealing and filling of gaps. The polysulfide rubber only has one disadvantage that it can introduce a disagreeable sulfur smell. Our two component polysulfide rubber formulation is A:B = 10:1. We are going to make one component system in the future to expand our silicone and modified silicone production. We are committed to providing customers with more reliable choice(Figure 4).


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