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VHB Tape Primer to PP, TPO and PA Substrate

11.VHB Tape Primer to PP, TPO and PA Substrate. english
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Author: Miss Fan Shi-Yu

Tape adhesives are used much more in industries as automotive, medical, and furniture because of their excellent bonding properties, lighter weight, and stability over time. Generally, the acrylic foam tapes specially VHB tape do not have high enough adhesion strength to low surface energy (LSE) plastics such as Polypropylene (PP), and Thermal Plastic Polyolefins (TPO). Hence, we have recently successfully developed a Primer/Promoter (brand name: GS555) that can give very high tape to substrate adhesion on PP, TPO, other LSE plastics, and Polyamide (PA). Fig. 1 shows the procedure GS555 Primer applied to the test material surface. GS555 applied to the surface material and then the GS555 contained material is heated at 80oC for 3~5 mins. After that the VHB tape is applied to the GS555 contained material surface. The shear strength test of VHB tape to PP surface before and after applied GS555 Primer shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. Shear strength of sample after applied GS555 increased 13 psi compared to the sample no contained Primer. VHB tape is broken and adhered to both of the PP surfaces with the sample contained GS555 Primer (Fig. 4), implying that the tape adhesion is enhanced a lot on PP substrate. The GS555-combined tape adhesives exhibit excellent adhesion to PP substrate even the bending test with angle 90o (Fig. 5). Recently, we are experimenting with the same product to apply for the pigmented coating of plastic parts, especially LSE plastics.

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