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Everwide newsletter No.360

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Experiment § UV moisture delay curing adhesive

For electronic product manufacturers, production speed is the key consideration of manufacturing cost. UV curing adhesive that can be cured in a few seconds has always been the best choice for manufacturers. However, the disadvantage of UV curing adhesive is only illuminated areas can be cured. Therefore, those parts that cannot be irradiated by light will use moisture-curing adhesive. The curing speed of moisture adhesive is not as fast as that of UV curing adhesive. Recently we have developed UV moisture delay curing adhesive, which is FD102 and FD104 series (Figure 1). This product can form a semi-cured gel state after being irradiated with UV light, and the gel will not have flow problems at this time (Figure 2). When the production line progresses quickly to the next part, the moisture in the air is used to make the adhesive fully cured (Figure 3), and it can be applied to the upper cover, such as the frame of the mobile phone and the lens module (Figure 4). Because the workpiece is usually opaque, general UV curing adhesive cannot be used. If only moisture adhesive is used, the moisture adhesive will easily flow out from the edges after the cover is placed. At this time, UV moisture delay curing adhesive can be used to meet your needs (Figure 5). If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to contact us.

—Author: Mr. Yu-Xiang, Chen


Activity § Recent sharing

The company’s annual Moon Festival gifts cooperated with the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation. It is recognized that part of the cost of products will be allocated to help the vegetative to support and home service. Everyone is happy and eats healthy (Figure1, 2). In recent years, health at work has become more and more important. To prevent workplace violence (Unlawful Infringement) in the workplace. Our company has commissioned registered professional nurse to hold concept advocacy to help colleagues understand hazards identification (Figure 3). In order to strengthen the air convection in the cleaning area and take care of the health of the personnel. The company installed air extraction equipment to facilitate the exhaust of harmful gases (Figure 4, 5). Environmental safety and protect the mental and physical health of our employees. We have always been concerned.


Knowledge § How many types of heating methods are there?

There are three most common heating methods: conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is direct contact with the heat source. Convection requires a medium, such as air, water, or heat transfer oils. Radiation does not require a medium. The heat provided by these heating methods is gradually transferred from the outside to the inside. There are many examples of conduction and convection, and the most common radiation is IR (infrared). Most non-metallic substances can absorb IR at a specific wavelength, but metals can also absorb IR because of the interaction between electromagnetic waves and electronic structures. The absorption of IR by the substance will increase the temperature and achieve the purpose of heating.


Living § Leisure cycling

During the epidemic prevention period, I have been thinking about what sports can reduce contact and avoid crowds? Finally, I felt that riding a bicycle was most suitable. Because it has a short contact with people, in addition, if you arrange an early and less crowded route, you can almost reach zero contact, so I started a weekend bicycle exploration tour (Figure 1). The weather is more relaxed in the morning, and it is very friendly to friends who are not afraid of heat. If you are not used to riding a bicycle alone, you can also find a family member who lives with you. In addition to enhancing emotions, this is also one of the sources of urging oneself to keep exercising. At leisure, I feel the breeze in the morning, and there are some dark clouds in the sky, which form a strong contrast with the dazzling sunlight (Figure 2, 3). The graceful foraging of egret silk in the fields adds different colors to the large green areas. Riding out of the fields, we will come to the river bank, the beautiful melody brought to nature by flowing water (Figure 4). After passing the duck flocks of duck farmers, we will feel the tiny wings of countless small insects vibrating, which is very shocking (Figure 5). On the downhill section, we can experience the thrill of cycling. It’s a great experience. In addition to rural roads, there are also bicycle lanes for you to ride. Cycling may be a good choice for exercise during the epidemic prevention period! However, the step-by-step exercise method is less prone to injury than the exercise that concentrates on the activity at one time. Finally, I wish you all to stay healthy.

—Author: Mr. Jia-Rong, Cai


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