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Everwide Newsletter No.361

Experiment § Contact Angle Meter

Because of the development of AG coatings, we purchased haze meters, gloss meters, and contact angle meters. The contact angle meter is shown in Figure 1-2, which is mainly used to measure the contact angle (Contact Angle, θ) and also to measure the affinity and hydrophobicity of the material. The contact angle meter measures the dynamic and static contact angles which are forward and backward contact angles analyze the wetting of the solid surface, and calculates the free energy of the solid surface and its composition through the " sessile drop method". The contact angle meter can also use the " pendant drop method " to analyze the shape of the drop and measure the surface and interfacial tension of the liquid. The most commonly used function at this stage is to measure the static contact angle. The contact angle of water droplets on hydrophilic materials is small, and the contact angle on hydrophobic materials is large (Figure 3 and 4). Everwide develops products with a high water drop angle and can use the contact angle meter to relate tests to confirm whether the performance meets customer requirements (Figure 5). You are welcome to contact us.

─ Author: Ms. Man-Yun, Chiu


Activity § To explore the unknown in Bravely

Previously, the company's activities were temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19, but the situation of it has stabilized, so some activities have started. The first activity was to walk into nature and climb trees together. Bring colleagues and their families a special experience through our garden. Climbing to the top of the tree and overlooking the beautiful scenery, I can't help but admire the wonders of nature. Then, we went through the movie appreciation activities to explore my true self, re-understand the situation of our partners, and find out each other's strengths. Colleagues said: "This kind of activity is very touching, and it is a meaningful team activity." Thank you for all of your enthusiasm for participating and having fun together.


Knowledge § What is the principle of microwave heating?

Microwave refers to electromagnetic waves with a wavelength between infrared and radio waves. Microwaves cause the dipoles of the molecules to constantly change back and forth, aligning with the direction of the electric field. Microwaves also cause free ions to translate in space, aligning with the changing direction of the electric field. These movements will cause the molecules to rub, thus generating heat energy. Infrared rays can only heat the surface of an object. If the heat enters the interior, it mainly depends on conduction. The wavelength of microwaves is longer than that of far-infrared rays, and the penetration ability is better. It can directly heat the inside of objects, which is a safe and efficient method.


Living § Become a volunteer and enrich your life

Destiny in the world can have a happy ending. In addition to the opportunities created by heaven, there is also personal free will, including choosing to give, investing in one's own enthusiasm, and getting along with partners in tasks to produce feelings. The destiny of the meeting has brought us a fulfilling life, sublimated our soul, and this destiny has formed a special name called "volunteer". In the beginning, I took my little daughter to be a volunteer in environmental protection and participated in parent-child activities in Douliu Picture Book Library. Then I returned to the community to imitate and innovate various activities. I learned elementary activity design and leadership from it, an experience I have never had before. In order to let the elder daughter broaden her horizons and meet different friends, we joined The Society of Wilderness. Unexpectedly, I was the one who learned the most knowledge and made many friends in the end. I have to sigh, the gains and losses in life are beyond our calculation! Wilderness activities have made me create many miracles. As a staff member, not only no benefit but also at my own expense. In addition, the funds are limited. It is common to sleep on the wooden floor and use sleeping bags for warming, but there are still partners who join the team for philosophy. The training content is a leadership communication course that is both perceptual and rational, such as composing a leading sing in 5 minutes and composing a short play for 3 minutes in 10 minutes. I felt that there was no way to complete it at first, but because of the urgency of time, we still completed the task. Maybe the work will be rough, and there may be mistakes in the performance, which may lead to jokes. But what about it? In this process, think alone, find positioning and create ideas with partners. To grow amidst challenges, we must learn to express and take on tasks. To be content with joy in life, there needs to be a change, so that you can understand yourself better.

─Author: Ms. Qing-Mei, Lu


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