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Everwide newsletter No.375

Experiment § Thermally conductive flame-retardant synthetic silica gel

Because synthetic silicone rubber has excellent temperature resistance and weather resistance, it is easy to make a 1:1 ratio. The viscosity of agent A and agent B are the same, which is convenient for automatic machine mixing and processing. FX176G4 can be cured at room temperature for 24 hours or at a high temperature of 80°C/60 minutes. The colloids were naturally defoamed after infusion (Figure 1), and the viscosity increased rapidly after 2 hours (Figure 2). The hardness of the cured FX176G4 colloid is fairly stable and does not change much after environmental monitoring (Figure 3). The hardness of the cured FX176G4 colloid is fairly stable and does not change much after environmental monitoring (Figure 3). At the same time, the thermal conductivity can reach 1.5-1.6 W/mK (Figure 4), and it has good adhesion to metal materials. The high temperature after environmental monitoring will make the resin react more completely, and the adhesion will be further improved (Figure 5). The FX176G4 complies with UL 94V-0 and is suitable for the thermal perfusion of power modules. It should be reminded that FX176G4 belongs to synthetic silica gel and cannot be exposed to catalyst poisoning substances (bi-weekly report No. 226) in order to have a reasonable response rate. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

─Author: Mr. Zhe-Yong, Lin


Activity § Taipei AMPA / Autotronics Taipei

Affected by the epidemic, physical exhibitions that have not been seen for a long time have resumed this year. Before the exhibition, everyone worked out a plan together, and we had to pay attention to epidemic prevention measures (Figure 1). The first exhibition was the 37th Automotive Electronics Show in Taipei Nangang, with about 380 exhibitors (Figure 2). The layout of the exhibition is a key point that should not be underestimated, and everyone went to great lengths to highlight our expertise (Figure 3). Although the number of visitors was lower than before the epidemic, the enthusiasm for sharing was not diminished (Figures 4, 5). The epidemic is almost over. Let's see you at the next exhibition!


Knowledge § Disadvantages of Kevlar fibers

Kevlar fiber is a crystalline aromatic polyamide fiber, and its shortcomings are as follows: 1. The compression resistance, flexibility, and interlayer toughness are poor, and there will be obvious damage during bending and entanglement. 2. Intensity and directionality are highly correlated. The long-axis compressive strength is 1/8 of the long-axis tensile strength, and the horizontal-axis compressive strength is 1/200 of the horizontal-axis tensile strength. 3. The hygroscopicity is high, about 3.5~5% at room temperature, and the strength will be greatly reduced. . 4. Poor resistance to strong acid and alkali. 5. Poor optical rotation resistance. The intensity will decrease after UV irradiation.


Living § My Hobby My Art

I've heard that in life, people need to have a life mindset about three jobs. The first is a job to earn a living. The second is a job that helps you relieve stress, which may be a hobby or something you enjoy. The third is the job of keeping your body fit, which can be an exercise routine or just a simple exercise. As I get older, I realize that physical and mental health is just as important. We need to build a healthy lifestyle to make life shine and be a better version of ourselves. So I try to strike a balance between work, hobbies, and health. I'm from Indonesia and I'm an R&D person who likes to paint. Since I was a kid, I loved painting, but my dad wanted me to make a living with my brain, not my muscles. I maintain this hobby, so in my spare time, I learn to draw by observing and imitating. Slowly, I began to develop my own style, and for this, I learned to use various painting tools, such as pencils, markers, ink pens, colored pencils, etc. Recently I have used watercolor shades to create layered paintings. When drawing, I focus on the drawing in front of me, which relieves my mood. Hopefully, you will find things to help you relax too. What you enjoy doing doesn't mean you have to be an expert. The point is what makes you happy.

─ Author: Miss. Li-Hui, Zhang


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